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read about the GE apple in Common Ground

Click below to see an article in the July version of Common Ground, including the stores that have committed to not selling the GE apple. For our apple campaign and what you can do to stop the GE apple go to

Greens Market in Vancouver goes GE Free

Congratulations to Greens Market on West Broadway in Vancouver which has announced that it will sell no GE products as of 2015 – including any canned goods that contain genetic engineered content.

Many of the cans in grocery stores these days have some kind of GE content – usually corn, soy or canola. And much  livestock has been fed GE feed, particularly GE corn and canola.

Greens Market is leading the way showing what is possible. See their release below. Continue reading

Texas – GE crops out of control

Texas has requested emergency use of hazardous herbicides to kill the super pigweed that has become resistant to Round Up Ready (TM). Where will this stop?

Kamloops says no to the GE apple

Community groups across the Province are actively opposing the introduction of the GE apple. See the link below to an article in Kamloops This Week.

The article also says Okanagan Specialty Fruits ,which is developing the GE apple ,is not giving media interviews. We wonder why not?

Cowichan Valley says no to GE crops

As we posted earlier, the City of Duncan last month declared a non-GE purchasing policy, the first municipality in BC, to our knowledge, to do so.

One Councillor was opposed, and here is what people in the Cowichan Valley have to say about him and the non-GE policy.

the most important scientific review of GE crops yet

If anyone told you GE crops are safe, don’t harm the environment ,or are needed to combat world hunger, check out the updated version of GMO Myths and Truths, which was published last month.

Written by three scientists with an intimate knowledge of the scientific literature on GE crops and animals, this publication should end – forever – the idea that GE crops and animals are beneficial for our society.

See Myths and Truths here GMO-Myths-and-Truths-edition2

the Ge apple in the Chilliwack Times

Read a recent piece in the Chilliwack Times about the potential impact of the GE apple