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Law suit launched against GE salmon

Press Release
Jan. 20, 2014
Ecojustice, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society

Environmental groups take federal government to court for permitting manufacture of genetically modified salmon in Canada

Approval fails to consider invasiveness threat, puts wild salmon and environment at risk

Environmental groups want a court to decide if the federal government violated its own law by permitting the manufacture of genetically modified salmon in Canada.

“Canadians expect their government to implement, not ignore, the laws that protect our ecosystems from harm,” said Tanya Nayler, one of the Ecojustice lawyers representing Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society. “By granting approval for this genetically modified species without obtaining all the legally required information, the government has failed to meet their legal obligation.”
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Target and other big retailers say they won’t stock GE salmon


GM salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes

According to a news item today on the BBC, drawing on research from Memorial University.


Major US grocery stores won’t stock GE fish


sign the petition against GE salmon

New Facebook page on Frankenfish

Islanders  Say No to Frankenfish.

‘Frankenfish’ moves closer to your dinner plate


By Emily Wasserman

Feb 6 2013

Consumers have until Feb. 25 to comment on the Food and Drug Administration’s draft assessment determining that a modified salmon poses no threat to the environment. Comments can be made on the FDA’s website for 60 days following the draft assessment, which was issued in December. After the comment period closes, the FDA will determine whether or not to approve the fish for commercial use and consumption. Continue reading