GE Free BC membership form

Non gmo shop guide

Greenpeace’s Greenpeace shoppers guide: Your Right To Know

Food Safety Handout: The Center For Food Safety

GM Crops – just the science – Dr. John Fagan


ge-canola-out-of-control-in-Canada: Greenpeace

NFU Alfalfa ruling for Cdn farmers – June 22 2010

GM Wheat Rejection Signatures List Final Feb 9 2010

The GM Link – Corporate control of the food chain

8 pillars of a sustainible community

GMO Studies: GMO study with rats

National Poll: National poll – do consumers want mandatory labeling of GM foods? Yes!


GM stacked gene revolution: a biosafety nightmare: A Bio-safety Nightmare

Global Report: Agriculture at a Crossroads_Global Report (English)

Citizens Guide to confronting a factory farm

Center For Food Safety: Food Safety Doc FDA: (includes cloned animals)

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  1. need a schedule for QC and ON. I have seen one but lost it and can’t find another.

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