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Very informative video on GM issues

This video is 1:25 long, but it has various opinions and sides to the GM debate: it’s interesting how the Pro-GM debate is starting to sound very weak, and amazes me that they still believe it’s the only way for us to eat and will feed the world. Give it up guys, we KNOW that’s just not happening.


The World According To Monsanto

I found this documentary in it’s full version!

The World According To Monsanto

Great GM Videos

Why GM Wheat in Canada must be stopped: CBC GMO video

There are other great videos on this page as well. Educate and enjoy!

You can take action on GE Wheat here: CBAN wheat

Video on Urban Food Growing in Cuba

Young people in Havanna Cuba are growing urban organic gardens within their city. It’s a good model to use for your own backyard ideas and community gardens.

Cuba Urban Gardens

What is The Copenhagen Climate Conference Really About?

It’s unusual for me to add a non-GMO/GE issue to the blog, but this is one that caught my attention. While I am all for carbon reduction and offsetting climate change, something didn’t ‘smell’ right when I began to read about Copenhagen’s Climate Conference.

If you feel the same, check out this video by Annie Leonard. Annie is one of those people who really digs for her information, and like me, gets on the phone and talks to people until the REAL story comes forward. If it was all a blurr for you before, this video will spell it out in black and white.

So what does this have to do with GE? Well, our food, to put it bluntly. And darn, we humans need to eat, so by not being educated on this subject would be rather ironic, don’t you think? I truly believe in my lifetime, I will see one of the most influential shifts in humankind since Jesus. Of course it will be good, but sometimes, in order for us to fully understand what it is we want (clean air, healthy food, green planet) we will have to catch a glimpse of what we don’t want – much like not really understanding what white is until you see black.

Please comment all you want about this matter. It’s important that we realize we won’t solve the crisis with the same methods we used to collapse this country. We must change the way we think.

This goes hand-in-hand with our food production.