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International Tribunal Demands GM Maize Ban in Mexico

DEC 11, 2014, MEXICO CITY—The Mexican Chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal has called on the Mexican government to ban the planting of genetically modified (GM) maize in the country. The decision cited the importance of maize as one of three principal staple crops globally, which millions depend on. The Tribunal, which considered evidence gathered over three years from over 1000 organizations on this and other issues, also highlighted the importance of Mexico as the centre of origin of maize globally.
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Genetically engineered corn not working

As most people who are involved in agriculture know, monocropping is never a good idea and leads to attacks of weeds, viruses and unwanted pests. That’s exactly what is happening with Bt corn which is decreasingly resistant to the rootworm. Given the rise of superweeds,  increasing resistance of pests, and increases in the need for chemicals to control these, genetic engineering, like any monocrop culture, is likely to destroy itself from within over time. But how much damage will it do before it disappears, and how will we clear up the mess given extensive cross-pollination?

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Consumer Concern Over GM Sweet Corn Mounts

February 26, 2014, Ottawa. Major grocery chains in Canada were reminded again today of consumer concern over genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) food, and GM sweet corn in particular.

“We don’t want GM sweet corn in our grocery stores. This insect-killing corn is not appetizing,” said André Nault of the Quebec network Vigilance OGM, “GM sweet corn is the first GM whole food grown in Canada and consumers don’t want to eat sweet corn that’s genetically modified to kill insects.”
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Rootworm destroying GE corn all over the US, and coming to Canada soon

CBC Radio The Current on BT resistance in GMO crops.


Genetically modified corn seed was supposed to be resistant to the dreaded rootworm. But in parts of the U.S. Midwest, corn farmers are discovering the very problem that GM crops were supposed to eliminate are back in the corn and raising questions about the future of GM farming.

Will it come to Canada?: “Only a matter of time”

sign the Avaaz petition against GE corn in South Africa

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Greenpeace activists quarantine illegal GE crops in Italy

Press releaseJuly 30, 2010

Pordenone, Italy – Greenpeace activists from Italy, Austria, Germany and Hungary are quarantining illegal Genetically Engineered (GE) crops being grown in Italy. Wearing safety equipment to protect against contamination, the activists are isolating, cutting and securing the top of the GE maize plants, the part that contains the pollen.

Last week, Greenpeace took samples from the field in Friuli, northern Italy to a certified laboratory for analysis. The results confirm without doubt that the maize being grown in these fields is a patented Mosanto GE maize type, MON810. GE crop cultivation without a permit is illegal in Italy (1). There is considerable documentation highlighting the threats posed by MON810 to biodiversity, including the accumulation of toxins in soil, and negative impacts on species such as butterflies and moths (2).

“Greenpeace has taken action today to prevent any further contamination from these hazardous and illegal GE crops,” said Federica Ferrario, Greenpeace Italy Agriculture campaigner. “For days these crops will have been contaminating not only neighbouring fields, but countryside further away as well, as insects and winds disseminate their pollen.”

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