Conservative candidates in BC refuse to answer our GE questions

Conservative candidates in BC refuse to answer our GE questions 

ge election graphic

In mid-September, one of our volunteers emailed a pair of questions to candidates in all 42 Federal Electoral Districts in British Columbia (BC). Starting today, over the next four days, we will give you a summary of what we know about the federal party policies and individual candidate views, one party per day, starting with the Conservative Party.

These are the two questions that were asked of each candidate:

  1. If elected, will you give Health Canada the resources and the mandate to conduct a comprehensive, independent, science-based assessment on the safety of genetically engineered foods?
  2. What will you do to increase public awareness in your district of genetically engineered food and toxic pesticides, including neonicotinoids?

Today’s will be a short post. Forty-two (42) emails were sent to Conservative candidates in BC. Two (2) emails were returned because of invalid email address. No response was received from any of the other 40 Conservative candidates.

Stay tuned. Other candidates have indicated that they care about the safety of what we eat and about the consequences of unregulated agricultural biotechnologies. On each of the next 3 days, we will summarize the positions of the federal Greens, New Democrats, and Liberals (the order was randomly selected).

Echoing Food Secure Canada’s slogan, we encourage you to “Eat. Think. Vote.”

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