What municipal candidates think about GE: Metchosin

Two years ago Metchosin District declared themselves a GE Free Zone, and have since worked hard through the AVICC to encourage all communities on Vancouver Island to follow their lead. Metchosin’s continued commitment is evident from the responses we received from current municipal election candidates.

From incumbent Councillor Moralea Milne: “I do not approve of GE crops, animals or fish. The science, coming as it does from the industry, is not to be trusted. The studies are akin to the days of the tobacco companies insisting through their scientific studies that there was no proof that tobacco causes cancer. I am worried about long term consequences to human health, and to the ability of traditional and organic farmers to keep their crops free from GE contamination (and possibly losing organic certification and market share).”

From Council candidate Kyara Kahakauwila: “I do not support the cultivation of GE crops.  Manipulating crops can and will have long term negative effects on humans who consume them, on the environment connected to their growth, and on the long term viability of the crop itself.  In our daily lives, we already have enough contaminates to contend with, we do not need to “modify” our food sources too!  As a Council we can work with our farming community to help develop better ways to communicate and educate our residents to consume locally grown, unmodified foods.”

Council candidate Andy MacKinnon comments that “we need much more research about the effects of genetically modified crops on pollinators and on other plant species.”

And from Council candidate Anne Richmond: “Genetically engineered crops that are intended specifically for industrial agriculture, such as those designed to resist herbicides, promote long-term environmental degradation and unknown impacts on the total biosphere, so I am very much opposed to that type of crop, because of the system-wide impacts and the dependence on industrial produced seeds, leading to ever-lower diversity and ultimately high risk of failure.”

We at GE Free BC commend all of the well-informed candidates in Metchosin who are truly committed to a healthy, GE Free future for their fellow citizens.


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