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GE Tour Fundraising Dinner Event – Saturday, Nov 23

As you may know, GE Foods and Human Health: A Cross-Canada Speaker’s Tour has just begun and the events have been very well attended and have resulted in excellent discussions on GE/GMO foods & human health. We look forward to the rest of this tour with Dr. Thierry Vrain and Dr. Shiv Chopra as they continue to educate the public across Canada.

Nature’s Path is generously hosting a fundraising dinner in support of the tour this Saturday, November 23rd. If you’d like to attend, tickets may still be available. Continue reading

We won the UBCM vote – now help us run a BC tour to stop GE crops

Thank you for supporting our efforts towards a GE Free BC. BC is one step closer to banning GE crops, thanks to grassroots community action! At the Union of BC Municipalities Convention last week, municipally elected officials voted in favour of a resolution which encourages the BC government to “legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting and growing plants and seeds containing genetically engineered DNA, and raising GE animals within BC, and to declare through legislation that the province of BC is a GE Free area in respect to all plant and animal species.”

Serious concern has been expressed across British Columbia about the introduction of genetically engineered crops and animals. Thousands of citizens rallied around this initiative, urging their municipally elected officials to vote YES for a GE Free BC. In fact, over 7,000 petition signatures were collected, hundreds of emails were sent, and many phone calls were made. Members of the public, community organizations, and elected officials have shown that the importance of health and of our environment should take precedence over profit.

We have come so far, but our work is not yet done. Let’s continue to urge the provincial government to listen to the people of BC and the members of the UBCM, and implement legislation that would prohibit genetically engineered plants, seeds, and animals.

To help keep the momentum going in BC and throughout Canada, the Society for a GE Free BC and the Greenpeace Vancouver Local Group are planning a speaker’s tour across Canada this Fall and Winter entitled, “Genetically Engineered Foods and Human Health: A Canadian Speaker’s Tour”.  The tour will feature Dr. Thierry Vrain, ex-genetic engineer with Agriculture Canada for 30 years, with some accompaniment by Dr. Shiv Chopra, ex-scientist for Health Canada and tireless protector of the food supply worldwide.

How can you get involved?

  • Stay informed: Sign up for an email subscription for blog posts at the Society for a GE Free BC website: www.gefreebc.wordpress.com
  • Attend a Tour event: www.gefreebc.wordpress.com will have an event list shortly or watch for the listing in the Nov. issue of Common Ground Magazine.
  • Volunteer: You can help promote the tour or a local tour event and raise funds for the tour. If you’re interested in helping out, let us know by emailing GEFoods.Tour@gmail.com
  • Donate: This tour is supported by passionate volunteers and funded by concerned citizens and organizations. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the tour, please visit the tour’s Go Fund Me page: http://www.gofundme.com/2ys84s.

Thank you for your continued support towards a GE Free BC.

All BC municipalities to vote against GE crops


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 14th 2013

Can BC Go GE Free?

Groups Rally as Union of BC Municipalities set to vote on Sept 18/19 at AGM

14 September 2013, Vancouver – Thousands of people across the province who are concerned about genetically engineered (GE, also often called GM or genetically modified) foods and crops are rallying to support a resolution calling for a GE Free BC that will be debated at the Vancouver AGM of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).

“This is a monumental opportunity for our municipalities and the province to stop GE crops from irreparably harming the future of farming and food in BC,” said Teresa Lynne of the non-profit volunteer-run Society for a GE Free BC. “Municipal councilors have an incredibly important decision to make and we are asking them to choose precaution for the sake of all BC residents.”

On September 18 or 19, our elected officials will vote on a resolution: … that UBCM ask the British Columbia government to legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting and growing plants and seeds containing genetically engineered DNA, and raising GE animals within BC, and to declare through legislation that the province of BC is a GE Free area in respect to all plant and animal species. The ban would not affect processed or prepared foods containing GM/GE ingredients, and has no bearing on medical applications of genetic engineering. Continue reading

Push for a GE Free Vancouver Island heats up

Read the latest, including the upcoming debate between Dr. Thierry Vrain and Robert Wager, in the Harbour City Star.


Email gefreebc07@yahoo.ca to get involved in a GE Free campaign in your community.

Vandana Shiva says make Vancouver Island a GE Free zone


96% of Cherryville, Okanagan, voters say no to GMOs

Bee SAFE asked the Cherryville public to cast a vote to show whether they were in favour of passing a resolution to ban GMO crops in their community. Continue reading

Rural Lumby to talk GMO!

Bee SAFE will hold a meeting to discuss banning GMO crops on Wednesday March 27th at 7 PM at the Whitevalley Community Centre. Please come and let everyone know so we can make an informed decision on whether to join Cherryville and protect our farms and our food.

sign the petition to make Vancouver Island GE Free

Metchosin Council on Vancouver Island – a GE Free zone – has put forward a motion to the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) to pass a resolution to make Vancouver Island and Coastal communities GE Free.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have contaminated our food supply. Vancouver Island is in a unique position to be a sanctuary that supports organic farmers and growers who want to be GE Free.

We will be delivering this petition to the AVICC) on Feb 28th so that this resolution makes it to the floor. Please share! Ask friends and family to sign!

110 show up to protest GMOs in Cherryville, Okanagan

February 13th, 2013

Cherryville to decide on GMO crops.

CHERRYVILLE – More than a hundred people showed up at the Cherryville hall last night to get information and decide whether they want to pass a resolution banning GMO crops, as has been done in 10 other BC municipalities. The evening was organized by Carla Vierke, co-founder of Bee SAFE Monashees, a local volunteer organization started a year ago by Vierke, Jane Emlyn and Huguette Allen. Continue reading

Help make Surrey, North Vancouver and Vancouver GE free

After our success in Richmond we have targeted Vancouver, North Vancouver City and Surrey in the Lower Mainland as the next municipalities to go GE Free. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please get back to us.
We need people to get petitions out, lobby their councillors, educate others, put material in their local stores, and come to the council meetings.
For Surrey contact Phil Harrison at thebigph@gmail.com, he is coordinating the work there.
For Vancouver and North Vancouver reply to gefreebc07@yahoo.com
Please circulate to your lists. We look forward to hearing from you.

Richmond City Council Finalizes GE Free Zone

If you would like to work on a GE Free zone in your community, email us at gefreebc07@yahoo.com
Press Release

May 29, 2012. Vancouver. – Last night, Richmond City Council (British Columbia) unanimously confirmed a decision to make the city a GE Free Zone.

Following the initial unanimous decision by the General Purposes Committee on May 24, 250 Richmond residents turned out last night to support final approval at City Council. The biotechnology industry lobby group CropLife presented in a failed effort to dissuade councilors from approving the resolution. Continue reading


A committee of City Council will be debating the call for a GMO ban in Richmond on Tuesday at 4pm. Continue reading

CBAN Tour Details for BC

Events Tour Notice – Public Forums in British Columbia: “Genetic Modification and the Future of Food”

September 18 – October 1, 2011. Kelowna, Nelson, Grand Forks, Keremeos, Princeton, Langley, Vancouver, Bella Coola, Richmond, Comox, Campbell River! See below for details.

Featuring Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Ottawa

Genetically modified (GM) crops and foods are a threat to the environment and to the future of organic food and farming. What GM foods are on the market and what is coming? What actions can we take to stop GM apples, salmon and alfalfa? Join us to get the latest information and ask your questions!

Continue reading

GMO Tour 2011 – Lucy Sharratt from CBAN

Lucy Sharratt from CBAN – Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and April Reeves of GE Free BC will be touring BC Canada this September. Look us up when we come to your area! See many of you at the Okanagan Organic Festival! Look for our table!

GMO Workshop Thursday July 22 2010

This is a GMO Workshop for active Activists! Here’s an opportunity to learn, take action and meet like-minded people. Join us this Thursday!

Results of our GMO Movie Showing

April Reeves, May 24 2010

I thought it would be appropriate to post the results from our first Free Movie Showing evening on the 22nd of May.

The showing was held in the Ralph Fisher Auditorium which holds around 160 people. It was almost packed out, and many people came and went (hospital staff from Richmond General next door!). Once we broke into Q&A, no one left. Many great questions were answered by a panel of 4: Arzeena Hamir, Larry Tolton, Teresa Quach and April Reeves.

Nature’s Path was a sponsor and provided the granola bars for the event. I will be sending them flowers – what a wonderful company! And really great food by the way – to those who haven’t sampled their cereals yet.

We also had free Heirloom bean and pea seeds to start planting your GMO-free garden. A draw to win one of 2 full gardens ready-to-plant was a big hit at the end. The plants went to a good home 🙂

Many ‘active’ GMO activists showed up: April Goodman and Inge Hanle being just 2 of the many, but 2 vocal ones.

Discussions around current issues was hot: Bill C-474, Enviropig, CETA: Canadian European Trade Agreement, Codex and Terminator trees were discussed.

It is also being discussed to take this event into every other municipality in the lower mainland. What was learned is that most people in the urban/city areas have no idea about their food. They have no idea what a GMO is. It’s time to begin a long procedure of educating them. This is one of the few ways we can stop these potentially harmful foods from entering our system permanently, keep our freedom of choice and stop corporate control of Canada.

We will also work with others that wish to lead their groups into pushing for GE Free zones around BC as well. This is more important than ever now. If we sit idly by and say nothing, do nothing, our world as we know it will be gone. This is not the future we want to leave our children.

Kelowna Doctor to participate in GMO Workshop

A short note to everyone coming this evening to our GMO Workshop in Vancouver:

We have 2 special guests coming from Kelowna: Dr. Wittel MD and Nutritionist Heidi Osterman are driving in today to attend the workshop!

Their presence is wonderful – Dr. Wittel has many years of activist experience. Heidi Osterman is interested in bringing this message forward to more people. This workshop is a perfect venue for them to work with interested and enthusiastic activists.

I have been asked by several US groups to work on this: creating a model on workshops for others to use and follow. Together we have great power – let’s make this workshop a “model” for how to do it right!

GMO Workshop 7-9pm

Wednesday May 12 2010 (today)

Unitarian Church, Vancouver, Oak street and 49th.

How To Create A GMO Event

This is a post for those interested in hosting an event to bring awareness to GMO issues. It follows our May 22 event: Plant Your GE Free Garden and free movie showing.

Real Event as a Model: Step by Step Guidance

by April Reeves:

I’m going to write about a real event I’m organizing. May 22 is the date. Ralph Fisher Auditorium is the venue: holds 300+ people and I intend to fill it. Here’s how:

Continue reading

If you ever wanted to make a difference…

Free Movie Showing and Guest Speaker Panel

You can RSVP at: aprilreeves@shaw.ca or show up at the door. All RSVP seats will be reserved.

Guest Panel includes: April Reeves, Director, GE Free BC: Arzeena Hamir, Steering Committee, GE Free BC, Richmond Food Security, Farmland Defense League and other organizations (plus she’s an agrologist): Larry Tolton, Richmond Food Security, multiple generation farmer.

Donations will be accepted. They go towards stamps, paper, toner, envelopes and other materials. All members are volunteers. Sponsor donations include food and coupons: every participant will go home with ‘goodies’.

Hope to see you all there!

Quick note from April Reeves, GE Free’s admin

I just want to thank all the people who have shown up to this blog the last few days. We have had record numbers! Thank you a hundred times to those who told me they tweeted us and to those who passed on our information on their facebook pages. It all helps to support and move this organization forward. We all want to see a better world, with labels and choices when we shop. This show of people puts a HUGE smile on my face!

Yesterday, I heard Obama ‘mention’ that GM may be part of the reason why autism, allergies and cancer is on the rise. Interesting…

Three Major GMO’s Approved for Food and Feed Found Unsafe

Int J Biol Sci 2009; 5(7), 706-726

Caen, 14 December 2009: In what is being described as the first ever and most comprehensive study of three major GMOs  about  assessing  the  effects on mammalian health, researchers  from CRIIGEN and Universities of Caen  and Rouen have highlighted a number of new sex  and often dose dependent side effects  linked  with  their  consumption.  Their  study  of  the  90-day  feeding  trials  data  of  insecticide producing Mon 810, Mon 863 and Roundup herbicide absorbing NK 603 varieties of GM maize clearly underlines adverse impacts on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as different levels of damages  to heart,  adrenal  glands,  spleen  and haematopoietic system. Ironically,  the  confidential  raw data  of  Monsanto  about  feeding  trials  on  rats  that  these researchers  have  analyzed  allowed  the international authorization of these three commercialized GMOs in
different parts of the world.

Continue reading

GE-contaminated flax seed raises concerns for Canadian organic sector

September 11, 2009

SACKVILLE, NB — The Organic Trade Association (OTA) in Canada has called the recent discovery of contaminated flax seed in Europe “unacceptable,” and said biotechnology companies must take responsibility for damages caused by their lack of appropriate containment protocols.

The European Commission′s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed has discovered an illegal genetically engineered (GE) trait in German food products, which originated from Canada. Although no organic products have been implicated at this time, the discovery of this unauthorized GE trait in food products is a major concern for the Canadian organic sector, and for consumers around the world. The GE flax in question, called `Triffid,′ was designed specifically to withstand applications of synthetic chemical pesticides.

It′s time for biotech companies to be good parents and take responsibility for their children. The owners of GE crops need to assume the liability for loss of market access due to their technologies appearing in countries or products in which they are not wanted. As GE products are not permitted under organic standards, the organic sector in Canada is extremely concerned by the prospect of losing access to its essential markets in Europe, Asia and around the world,” said Matthew Holmes, managing director of OTA in Canada.

Continue reading

Additional Monsanto Triffid sites and information

Combat Monsanto Building a world free of Monsanto

GM Watch Illegal Triffid flax now in 16 countries

Colorado State U – Transgenic Crops   Interesting site and articles on all things GE

Parsley’s Notebook A very interesting read about Triffid and GE foods: “Of deep concern is a cavalier attitude representative of irresponsibility that pops up every once in awhile. If human beings are going to experiment with the building blocks of life, of food itself, it is a serious responsibility. Farmers must take it seriously.”

New Resilient GM Flax Contamination from Canada Soars to 28 Countries, Canadian farmers still have no answers. “Someone’s going to have to pay for testing our crops for contamination and any required clean-up. Who will be liable?”    “The Canadian government still refuses to consider market harm when they decide to approve GM crops. This obviously has to change immediately,” said Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. “The entire regulatory system needs urgent reform or we will see even more widespread market chaos.”   “Farmers face the threat of unwanted contamination from GM crops, even when the crops are not supposed to be grown,” said Arnold Taylor an organic flax grower and Chair of the Organic Agriculture Protection Fund of the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate



Please join us for these Events in Vancouver!

Langara College Library in Vancouver, British ColumbiaProactive Planning For Pending Changes

Food Secure Vancouver Study – Phase 2
Please join us for a food policy forum. The forum is free and we have room for 150 participants. Last year the registration filled up in the first week – so register early!

When and Where:

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Langara College Cafeteria at 100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

To register, email your name and organization to rsvp@cshore.ca
For more information, call Barbara at (604) 215-9965

Co-sponsored by Langara College Continuing Studies


From Networking to Thinking Like a Network: Strategies for Growing Local Food Security Networks

Barbara McMillan, Community Foundations of Canada

Addressing increasingly complex social, environmental, and economic problems with limited resources challenges us to work in more creative and strategic ways. One approach that can increase impact and sustainability is the intentional use of networks. This session will explore how voluntary sector organizations can increase their effectiveness by employing strategies such as network mapping and network listening. Group discussion, practical examples, and useful tools will help participants to move beyond “networking” towards “thinking like a network”.

Barbara McMillan is Community Foundations of Canada’s Director of Regional Strategies, as well as National Director of Youth in Philanthropy. She has worked in grant-making and social development for over 25 years and is currently focusing on organizational development, network management and effectiveness, and fostering strategies for collaboration.

Followed by an interactive panel discussion highlighting local experiences in developing & sustaining food security networks. A timely opportunity to learn and share for community volunteers, social service organizations, faith-based groups, public health workers, community developers, p olicy-makers, and all those interested in strengthening our community-based response to ensuring a healthy and sustainable food system for all.

When and Where:

Tuesday, December 8th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Eye Care Centre Auditorium, #301 – 2550 Willow Street, Vancouver, BC

Event is free but space is limited.

Please RSVP to jmyrah@bc.cancer.ca by Nov. 30

Transportation information available upon RSVP
Wheelchair Accessible

Help us make British Columbia GE Free

Join us! There are many ways you can help out:


GE Free BC is a 100 per cent volunteer run NPO. And we need your help. If you have time, want to work with an energetic group of great humans, and are interested in helping to create a better and healthier world (especially here in BC)  then…     WE NEED YOU!

Email gefreebc07@yahoo.ca and let’s talk!

Join us on Facebook! Continue reading