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CBAN’s comprehensive new factsheet on GE rice

There has been a bunch of stuff circulating in the media about how Greenpeace are stopping the development of “Golden Rice” and how this will lead to blindless etc for millions of people. As anyone who has lived or worked in a developing country knows (this blogger worked and researched in India for 5 years), hunger is a problem of food distribution more than food production. Why are there 4 million people who go hungry in Canada everyday (yes 4 million) – I don’t see any lack of food on the supermarket shelves, but people just can’t afford to buy it. The solution to hunger and other health problems in developing countries is not modifying food that poor people can’t afford to buy, the solution is a right to food.

So please read and share CBAN’s comprehensive new factsheet on genetically modified (GM) Vitamin-A “Golden Rice”! and forget about it as some kind of panacea.

A short update on the Status of Golden Rice can also be found here
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