NDP’s pan-Canadian Food Strategy

NDP’s pan-Canadian Food Strategy

GE Election GraphicIn mid-September, one of our volunteers emailed a pair of questions to candidates in all 42 BC electoral districts. These are the two questions that were asked of each candidate include:

  1. If elected, will you give Health Canada the resources and the mandate to conduct a comprehensive, independent, science-based assessment on the safety of genetically engineered foods?
  2. What will you do to increase public awareness in your district of genetically engineered food and toxic pesticides, including neonicotinoids?

Unfortunately, the questions were emailed only to Conservative, Liberal and Green candidates because all three of these parties included on their national campaign website easily retrievable email addresses for each of their candidates. For some unfathomable reason, the NDP didn’t.

Fortunately, someone pointed us to a policy document entitled Everybody Eats, which is the NDP’s proposed pan-Canadian Food Strategy. Today’s blog will highlight components of this NDP strategy that relate to the two questions we asked the other candidates.

Here are some of the relevant features from the NDP Everybody Eats publication which can be found at http://xfer.ndp.ca/2014/food-strategy/FoodStrategy-EN-PRINT.pdf

  • Allocate resources for the assessment of new technologies used in food production.
  • Address conflicts of interest in food safety, and ensure that food safety decisions are made in the public interest.
  • Develop clear, accurate and verifiable labelling for products that have undergone genetic modification.
  • Ensure that economic costs and benefits are included as a factor in new regulatory approvals for GM seeds.
  • Protect Canada’s heritage seeds and breeds.
  • Ensure that plant varieties remain in the public domain following the expiration of plant breeders’ rights.
  • Preserve the right of farmers to save and condition seed for their own use.
  • Promote best practices to reduce input costs through more efficient, innovative and sustainable equipment and production methods.
  • Work with industry and researchers to develop and promote techniques that reduce fertilizer and pesticide load and run-off as much as possible.
  • Promote healthy soil management.
  • Monitor and protect the health of pollinators.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, in our fourth and final blog on the federal election, we will review the responses and positions of the Liberal candidates.

Echoing Food Secure Canada’s slogan, we encourage you to “Eat. Think. Vote.”

One response to “NDP’s pan-Canadian Food Strategy

  1. This is a great Canadian Food Strategy document. We have been pointing it out to people we spoke with about the election. We have an assurance from local NDP candidates in the Mid-Island Region that when elected they will bring the farm community together to begin the implementation of this Food Strategy. What better reason for voting NDP. Let’s develop a NDP driven agricultural economy for the Mid-Island.

    Barbara Ebell, Nanoose Edibles Farm

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