Falafel Chips

This chip is all organic, no-gm and it’s fantastic! Just tried it today and ate the whole bag, oops! Dip these in hummus, bet they taste even better. Buy an extra bag and keep at all times in your car. They come in regular and spicy. The spicy rocks. High fiber, high protein, great flavor. This company thought of it all, including recycled paper bags you can use as a lunch bag after. Rates a #1 with me!

Locations: All Choices markets, BC


Goji Omega Boost Oatmeal

I eat this almost every morning – this was a find, as my old standby- Quaker Oats – is all GMO now (fools). This is a really good product and lasts me a long time. Made by Dan-D-Pak, all their products are non-gmo! Good for them, as it’s not a trend – it’s here to stay (and grow). I just wish they would put a Non-GMO label on their products. I have a lot of their products in my kitchen: they have some great spice mixes. I found this at Budget Foods in Ladner, but I’ve seen it in other places too. It needs to go into Choices – please contact Choices and ask them to stock it.


Speerville Flour Mill

The Speerville Flour Mill is dedicated to providing you with tasty, nutritious food, of the highest quality possible. Our products are available in many bakeries, health food stores and grocery stores throughout the Maritimes. However, if you are not able to find them we would like to help. Just give us a call and we will let you know where and how you can find our products!

We are an Atlantic Canada business, located in Speerville, New Brunswick. We produce a wide variety of organic flour and grain products for the Maritime provinces, and have been doing so since 1982.


Roger’s Foods BC

This is one of my favorite companies. No GM grains are used, and their flours make great baked goods. Local company, started in 1951, survived in a niche market – I think they should tell others how that’s done! (hard work, quality control, new markets, my guess).

Look for their products in your store, and if they don’t carry them please ask for them. It’s good to support these smaller companies. Rogers can be found at any of the better food stores.



Other Non-GMO Manufacturers We Need to Support

Also note that these companies are independent (as of the posting of this)

• Alvarado Street Bakery
• Amy’s Kitchen
• Applegate Farms
• Cedarlane
• Cliff Bar
• Eden Food
• Equal Exchange
• Frontier Natural Products
• Golden Temple
• Lundberg Family Farms
• Nature’s Path
• Newman’s Own Organics
• Organic Valley
• Pacific Natural Foods
• Turtle Mountain

GMO-free Brands

These brands, at the time of writing, source their ingredients from GMO-free supplies.  If you’re concerned about the very real threat that genetically modified organisms pose to our food supply and ultimate health, please purchase from these companies and contact them to let them know that you support and value their decision to use non-gmo soy, corn, canola and other ingredients. Please enjoy this GMO-free food list and share it.

Arrowhead Mills: GMO-free providers of baking mixes and flours found in both natural health food stores and regular supermarkets.
Eden Foods: GMO-free providers of canned goods, noodles, tamari, miso, vinegar and Asian foodstuffs.
Natural Choice Foods:  GMO-free roviders of frozen dessert products.
Purity Foods: GMO-free makers of spelt-based noodles, snacks and other goodies.
Rapunzel: My all-time favorite chocolate company.  They also sell speciality oils.
Spectrum Oils: GMO-free manufacturer of speciality oils, cooking oils, salad oils and natural shortening.
Genisoy: Uses only certified GMO-free soybeans for their many soy products.
Earth’s Best: Baby food manufacturer uses non-GMO ingredients.
Healthy Times: Baby food manufacturer uses non-gmo ingredients.
Bob’s Red Mill: GMO-free provider of baking mixes and specialty flours.
Pamela’s Products: Provider of luscious gluten-free baking mixes sources non-GMO ingredients.
Whole Foods Store Brands: Whole foods has made the commitment to sourcing its ingredients from GMO-free sources.
Cascadian Farms: Provider of frozen entrees, juices, frozen vegetables and fruit, yogurt and other foods.
Imagine Foods: GMO-free provider of soy and rice milk as well as broth and other foods.
Muir Glen: Source of canned goods and vegetable juice uses gmo-free foods.
Thai Kitchen: Source for coconut milks and Asian ingredients sources gmo-free ingredients.
Amy’s Kitchen: GMO-free source of canned soups, chilies, boxed and frozen meals.
Nature’s Path: Manufacturer of cereals and snack bars made with ingredients sourced gmo-free.
Annie’s Naturals: Manufacturer of BBQ sauce, salad dressings and other condiments sourced from gmo-free ingredients.
San J: GMO-free manufacturer of soy sauce, shoyu and tamari.
Tradition Miso: Manufacturer of miso pastes that are made from GMO-free ingredients.
Barbara’s Bakery: Manufacturer of cookies sources from gmo-free ingredients.
Lundberg Family Farms: GMO-free provider of rice and wild rice foods including raw rice, soups and convenience foods.
Walkers: Provider of the best shortbread cookies ever as well as other sweet treats.
Fantastic Foods: Provider of hummus, falafel, risotto couscous, soup and other mixes with gmo-free ingredients.
Vitasoy: Manufacturer of soy-based foods sourced from gmo-free ingredients.
Clif: Manufacturer of energy bars sourced from gmo-free foods.
Kettle Chips: GMO-free manufacturer of potato and tortilla chips.
Que Pasa: Manufacturer of tortilla chips and other Mexican foods sourced from non-gmo ingredients.
Garden of Eatin: Manufacturer of chips, salsas and other snack foods.
French Meadow Bakery: Manufacturer of bread and baked goods using non-gmo ingredients.
White Wave: Manufacturer of soy products including tofu and tempeh using gmo-free soy.
Bearitos: Manufacturer of snack foods and dips using gmo-free foods.
Chaffin Family Orchards: Is committed to GMO-free foods and sells an assortment of goods including olive oil.
Cultures for Health: All starters and products sold at Cultures for Health are GMO-free.
Grindstone Bakery: GMO-free provider of wheat- and gluten-free bread.
Pure Indian Foods: GMO-free provider of grass-fed ghee.
To Your Health: Provider of gmo-free sprouted breads and sprouted flours.
US Wellness Meats: Provider of pasture- and grass-fed meats free of GMO supplemental feed.
Zukay: Provider of live cultured condiments and salsa free from GMO.
Wisconsin Healthy Grown Potatoes: GMO-free potatoes.

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  1. This was very interesting/education/informative. Do keep it up. Now onto the use of hexane in processing. Interesting to say the very least, and even in our health food stores…and includes a lot of food we eat all the time. “Do be aware…it is your health and your offsprings.”

  2. Surprised not to see Silk Soy Milk on the list. And Ben & Jerry’s is making the statement that they do not use any GM products.

    • I really need to update this page Sue! Not lazy; just really busy! Silk is still in debate: from my last conversation with them (2 weeks ago) they stated that Canadian Silk was Non-GM (couldn’t talk about US Silk) and I know Ben & Jerry’s has always been non-gmo and rBGH.

  3. Great information here!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. thanks for the listing of non gmo. b sargent, sending a letter to safeway and city market asking to list gmo free products

  5. Sorry to say just called BC where Canadian QuePasa corn chips are made with two types of GMO corn and cooked in GMO oil….

  6. Join me for live chat about ” Foods I Can Eat”. Share brand names, foods and where to get them. UNmoderated. Pls leave if u get offended by someone.


    Producers of organic and Heirloom wheat like ” Red Fife.”

  8. “We partner with local Okanagan organic farmers to grow almost all of our products. In this way, we assure the integrity and quality of our goods. If we cannot source a grain or legume through our partner farms, then we work closely with the best organic farmers in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.”

  9. The Human Microbiome

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