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GE Free BC became a society in 2007, but for five years prior to this had been organizing resistance to GE crops and foods. We have lobbied politicians and decision-makers, held numerous public events and showings of the ‘Future of Food’, supported Percy Schmeiser in his court cases against Monsanto, and worked on the Ban Terminator and BC mandatory labeling campaigns.

In October 2006 we brought together campaigners from across BC and the Yukon for the first coordinated strategy session on GE in the province. We continue to act as a coordinating and networking body for anti-GE work.

GE Free BC is governed by a Steering Committee, which currently includes 10 members from around the province. Like any society, we hold an AGM once a year.

Our Vision Statement: GE-Free BC envisions a food-sovereign Canada where no Genetically Engineered life forms are created, patented, approved, bought, sold or traded. Where Canada is a leader in safe and sustainable agriculture and is known as a GE-Free Nation. Where Canada actively secures international agreements that preserve regional bio-diversity and promote food sovereignty. Where community based farmers have the right and ability to farm and save seed from year to year. This vision is aimed to protect the health and sustainability of communities, animals and ecosystems.

GE Free Crop Zones in BC

Salt Spring Island, 2004

Denman Island

Powell River (first in Canada) 2004

Kootenays Rossland 2009, Nelson 2008, New Denver 09, Kaslo 09 GE Free Kootenays

2012 Richmond, Saanich, Metchosin

2012: Okanagan-Similkameen Regional District passes a resolution against the GE apple, which is approved by all BC municipalities at the Union of BC Municipalities in September 2012

22 responses to “Contact/About GE Free BC

  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

    surface encounters

  2. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

  3. Dennis Wright

    Jeremy Rifken used to be a poignant voice in opposition to GE crops. Do you know if he still engages the public in this endeavor?

    • Not sure. He’s 67 now so he may have ‘settled down’. I’ll do some digging on him. He did speak out against all bioengineering, especially the arrogance of science, and how they “mix and match” as a form of business over usefulness. I agree at that point: why try to ‘fix’ or alter anything if it isn’t broken? Change for the sake of change in nature can end up with serious consequences.

  4. Please support the new petition to label GMO food in BC Here is the short link to the petition.

  5. I would like to receive news from non-gmo companies;to keep teaching us where to buy our foods and drinks and notify us about the news concerning non-gmo foods.Thank you.

    • As a newcomer to the Non-GMO web sites and organizations I too am interested in getting info on this topic. Have you received a reply on your note of April 4th ? If so, I hope you will share that with me.
      Thank you, John Vanderlee<Vancouver.

  6. As a resident of one of the ‘non-GMO’ communities listed, I do not recall being asked my opinion on the matter. So this designation is highly suspect, and essentially bogus: unless you think that the summary declaration on behalf of an entire community by a few individuals, with zero consultation or community input, is legitimate. I rather suspect that if it were reversed, and a community declared itself ‘pro-GMO’ in a similar fashion, that opponents of GMO’s would (rightly) question the legitimacy of such a process.

    • Hi Dave, let us know which community you are in and we will tell you what kinds of consultations took place, as the GE Free zone campaigns always involve a lot of public discussion and events such as talks and movie showings. We try to ensure that everyone has their say, but we can’t always include veryone. Also please note that most of the GE Free zone resolutions have been pass unanimously by local Councils, who are voted in to take these kinds of decisions.

      We are always open to other points of view.

  7. I would like to be notified off all anti- GE companies.

  8. HI
    I find your web site very frustrating.
    No “contact us” links.
    No calendar of events.
    I am trying to get information about events noted in the newspaper for Nov. 24 and 25, where it says I can get the info on your site.
    I don’t see it.
    Any help would be appreciated

  9. Still NO “Contact Us” listing/icon – why not make such access easy for your readers/subscribers ???!!!

  10. Would it be possible to get Dr. Thierry and Dr. Chopra to come to the Yukon in February to do their presentation? We could apply for govt assistance thru the Educational component of Growing Forward II I think. And fundraise from our end. Thanks for letting me know,
    all the best,
    Barbara Drury, farmer

  11. Where would I find your list of GE Free communities?

  12. On March 4, 2014 our Ag. Support Group in Campbell River are bringing forward a request to City Council that it support a GEFree municipality. I have been searching for an up-to-date list of which communities in BC have already passed those resolutions. I know there at least 12 or 13. Kindly tell let me know where we can find that information.
    Morgan Ostler
    Agriculture Support Group

  13. 9 year old warns kids against GMO’s in food – Must see!

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