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Solutions for a GMO free life

Some of the GMO info can lend itself to feelings of despair. There’s quite a bit, actually, you can do. by Kenda Swartz Pepper Continue reading

GMO Foods: kernels that may be of interest

GMO foods: some kernels that may of interest: by Kenda Swartz Pepper – the political environment of genetically modified foods. Continue reading

GMO’s – Banning together: what to do about GM foods

So how is it the general American population is allowing multinational chemical corporations to determine the quality (or lack thereof) level of our food whereas some countries are clearly taking a stand against Genetically Modified foods? by Kenda Swartz Pepper Continue reading

Get GM out of your food

Kenda Swartz Pepper: Get Your Gen Mo Out of My Food Yo: Part I – The spoof’s in the genetically modified pudding. Continue reading

Farmers that save seeds are soon sued

Farmers face being sued by Monsanto and ‘friends’ for ‘allowing’ Monsanto seeds to drift onto their lands. Farmers often lose all their original seeds as they become property of Monsanto after contamination. Continue reading

What you don’t know about GMO won’t hurt you

So, What’s the Problem with Genetically Modified Food? For starters…the health of the planet, your food, your body and your children’s bodies are at risk. Kendra Swartz Pepper Continue reading

Really great GMO statistics

Who grows Genetically Engineered Foods – a really great source for GMO statistics. Continue reading