Glysophate probably causes cancer: World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation, which sets norms and standards for our health, has published a paper in the Lancet revealing that glysophate probably causes cancer.

Glysophate is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Round up (TM) which is the most widely used herbicide in the world and sprayed extensively on GE crops.

UN organisations like the WHO are very cautious about publishing findings, so we need to take their findings very seriously.

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One response to “Glysophate probably causes cancer: World Health Organisation

  1. Having worked for Monsanto in the early stages of their GMO product development, I know a bit about what is happening. I agree that GMO products are, at best, uncertain as to their damage and, at worst, proved to be dangerous to human health. I am glad to see in this recent email that glyphosate is being included in the “danger area”. It is still not broadly known that glyphosate is a highly dangerous product. Worse, few realize that glyphosate is spayed on most grains (and many other crops) a little before harvest time – but not for herbicide/pesticide reasons. It is sprayed on the edible parts of grains and other plants to make harvesting easier and to “regulate” ripening cycles so that on harvest event can produce uniformly ripe product. Guess what we are eating in the finished products that we use. This is criminally dangerous.

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