Help stop GE rice

This from colleagues at Greenpeace in the Philippines. For the CBAN background paper on GE rice go to:

Greenpeace South East Asia’s ‘Yes to Ecological Agriculture, No to Golden Rice’ project team needs your help. We only have 3 remaining days to rally as much support for a thunderclap directed to the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture to stop the commercialization of GR and instead support the work on ecological farming.

It takes only 5 seconds to join. Here’s how:

Click on this link

and choose to support either with Facebook or with Twitter–or both (If you have a Tumblr account then you can use it too).

You will be asked to authorize access of Thunderclap to your account (don’t worry, it’s a secured platform, you are basically just allowing the app to post on your behalf on the date the campaign message will be unleashed by everyone who has supported it, just think about a massive flashmob on FB and Twitter). Thunderclap’s interface is user-friendly so the next steps should be easy.
Once you have added your support, you can also boast about it on your social media accounts that you have supported a great cause 😉 by sharing on Facebook and/or tweeting about it.
Please help us get the word out and exceed our target. Please sign-up.

One response to “Help stop GE rice

  1. Jane Bryony-Shaw

    Done! Although I hate giving access to my friends on fb, but am trusting you Teresa and following where you lead!


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