Thrifty’s will not sell the GE apple

Thrifty Foods have let us know that they will not knowingly sell any GMO produce item, and have had this policy in place for a number of years. They have advised growers of this position

If it is approved Thrifty Foods will NOT stock the apple or any apple that they find is a GMO variety.

Thank you Thrifty’s, and for more on our campaign to stop the GE apple, go to:


8 responses to “Thrifty’s will not sell the GE apple

  1. I am told they stock Hawaiiain Papaya, which is apparently rejected by Japan because it is GMO.


    YEAH!!! Thank you for your good work!

  3. Vancouver Coop Radio has a program about food:

  4. Seeding Life, a United Church campaign.

  5. “Together we can build a world in which food is produced, distributed and consumed in ways that respect Earth and its ecosystems. We can honour food as a sacred gift from God and part of the global commons. And we can effect change for food justice that can have a life-sustaining impact on our families, communities, and Earth itself.”

  6. Jane Bryony-Shaw


    Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 15:35:28 +0000 To:

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