BC govt breaking its promise to review the GE apple

GE Free BC has received the response below to its request that the BC Government carry out the review of the potential impact of the GE apple on the BC apple industry it promised.

Write to the Ministry of Agriculture and your MLA using the sample letters on our apple campaign page https://gefreebc.wordpress.com/apple/

And go to your local store and ask them to commit to not selling the GE apple, using the letter and information in the link above. 50 stores in BC have done this already.

Below the email from the Minister of Agriculture which does not address the main concern the Minister raised in 2012 when he promised to carry out the review, which is the potential economic impact of the GE apple on the BC apple industry. If this was an issue in 2012, why is the government not addressing it now?

The Ministry of Agriculture did explore the issue and discussed with federal officials. As a result, in response to a similar motion by UBCM in 2013, the province reported back that:

“Responsibility for the evaluation of the safety of GE products rests with the Federal Government. BC considers that the Federal food safety and environmental evaluation processes for genetically engineered products must be kept current to ensure a safe food supply. The process must be transparent, based on good scientific analysis, and acceptable to independent scientists.”

Any food in Canada that may be a product, or contain a product, of Genetic Engineering (GE) must be approved by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). More information on GE and other novel foods can be found at http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/gmf-agm/index-eng.php or http://www.inspection.gc.ca/plants/plants-with-novel-traits/eng/1300137887237/1300137939635

The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to share the information and opinions that British Columbians express with our federal counterparts, as it is the Federal Government’s jurisdiction to approve or deny foods for production in Canada. Alternately, you may wish to contact Health Canada directly and express your views on GE safety issues or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency about labelling of GE food products.


5 responses to “BC govt breaking its promise to review the GE apple

  1. Jane Bryony-Shaw

    I followed the link and read the ‘review’ of Roundup ready alfalfa. We are voices crying in the wilderness. The corporate agenda runs this country. Can a few of us really hope to make any difference? The vast majority of the population want to continue to shop at Walmart, and wherever they can get the best deals, and do not want to be bothered by their consciences. They do not want to know!
    I have become very discouraged and am focussing on my jewellery and summer shows at the moment. We will write again (3rd or 4th time) to government and I will start campaigning again in the fall. But I want to know what’s happening.
    I know we owe you for buttons (200). I haven’t forgotten.
    On a personal note, Teresa, you are in my thoughts and I do hope that the best of all possible outcomes will be arrived at for your family concerns and that you will find the fortitude to face whatever it is that you are confronting. I think of you often.


  2. The Problem of mineral depleted soils. ( Nettle tea a great source of minerals)

  3. The sanctity of soil

  4. Staggering loss of nutrients in fruit and veg. Due to depleted soils:

  5. Jane,
    Yes people will still shop the cheapest produce until they start getting sick and then maybe skyrocketing healthcare costs will prompt a larger gov’t response…..if they can connect the dots that is.

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