Greens Market in Vancouver goes GE Free

Congratulations to Greens Market on West Broadway in Vancouver which has announced that it will sell no GE products as of 2015 – including any canned goods that contain genetic engineered content.

Many of the cans in grocery stores these days have some kind of GE content – usually corn, soy or canola. And much  livestock has been fed GE feed, particularly GE corn and canola.

Greens Market is leading the way showing what is possible. See their release below.

Based in our support for the consumers’ right to know their source of food, Greens Market has made a commitment to a strict non-GMO purchasing policy for all food product (with a 1% allowance for cross-contamination), to take effect in 2015. We are working closely with our vendors, The Non-GMO Project and GE-Free BC to replace ingredients and inputs at risk of being from genetically modified sources.

We believe choosing organic is the first step in avoiding genetically modified foods. In the case of conventional ingredients at risk of being from GM sources we will seek third-party verification of non-GMO claims.

Please join us at Greens Market as we feature and demo local, non-GMO products throughout the summer, leading up to our store-wide celebration of Non-GMO Month in October 2014.

Greens Market:      




3 responses to “Greens Market in Vancouver goes GE Free

  1. Hi Tony, something not working with this blog post.

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  2. Hi Tony, I couldn’t get this post on my phone, but it seems fine on my computer. Except I think you mean …no GE products (not projects) as of 2015…


    Bananas modified to contain higher vit A

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