3 weeks to stop the GM apple

What are you doing to stop the genetically engineered apple? The GM apple that will look fresh 15-18 days after it’s cut. The GM apple that has 2 different bacteria and 1 plant virus added to the apple DNA to stop it from browning.  The GM apple, that if approved, will lead to genetically engineered granny smith, golden delicious, fuji and gala apples as well as cherries, peaches and pears.

Get signatures on the petition now at GE Apple petition



5 responses to “3 weeks to stop the GM apple

  1. Be Pro Active. I surprised myself how fast it was filled out. Print one page. Everyone should. Every name counts. Don’t forget the postal codes. One hour or one lineup somewhere can fill it up.

  2. Shelley Hrabarchuk

    I have one page filled today and hopefully will have another tomorrow too!

  3. Does this mean that it can become mouldy without turning blue and fuzzy? Leaving a cut apple around or putting it on sale in a fruit salad for 15 days and it’s gonna get mouldy. Will it still taste fresh after 15 days?

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