Nova Scotia apple growers say to the GM apple

Nova Scotia apple growers have joined apple growers across Canada saying they want to stop production of the GM apple being developed in the Okanagan.

All apple growers’ associations in Canada, through the Apple Growers Group, have now said stop the GM apple. So why is it being developed?

For our apple campaign, go to the Nova Scotia apple growers, see


2 responses to “Nova Scotia apple growers say to the GM apple

  1. Can you do an on-line petition? You’ll get a larger response. Very few people want the bother of printing, collecting and filling out and sending in. It’s sad but it’s also a fact of today’s social media environment. All the larger environmental groups do it this way.

    • Hi Susan, we can’t present an online petition to the BC Legislature. Online petitions are really useful for some things such as general advocacy, but this campaign is targeted to MLAs and they need hard copy petitions. We have a few thousand signatures already so people are working on this.

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