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See GMO OMG at Kwantlen Poly – and Harold Steeves is guest speaker

There will be a special screening of “GMO OMG” on Wednesday, April 9th at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Auditorium hosted by Green Ideas Network and Kwantlen Horticulture Department starting at 7:15 pm. Harold Steeves, Richmond Councillor and one of the founders of the ALR,  will be the guest speaker. Refreshments, door prizes.
Admission by donation. See for more info or contact

GE alfalfa stopped – for now

For Immediate Release March 28, 2014

Company right to not release GM alfalfa this spring, says NFU

(North Bay, ON) – The National Farmers Union (NFU) is pleased to learn that Forage Genetics International (FGI) has decided not to begin selling herbicide-tolerant genetically modified (GM) alfalfa this spring. The company’s decision to delay the introduction of GM alfalfa into Canada was confirmed in the March 27 edition of The Western Producer and is consistent with recent statements made by seed companies in Quebec and Ontario. In 2013, without public input or notification, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) granted registration to several varieties of GM Roundup Ready alfalfa, which means FGI and their distributors could legally sell the herbicide-tolerant GM alfalfa across Canada. Continue reading

Tell the BC govt to carry out review it promised on the GE apple

All people interested in stopping the GE apple (which means you!), read on.

After the Union of BC Municipalities (all municipalities in BC) voted in 2012 to ask the BC govt for a moratorium on the GE apple, the BC govt responded saying it was concerned about the potential economic impact of the GE apple and would carry out a review.

That was over a year ago and we are still waiting for the review. Write to the Minister of Agriculture Pat Pimm and ask for the review to happen. A sample letter can be found here To the Minister of Agriculture

This week the BC NDP formally asked the BC govt to carry out this review. We will keep you posted about the response.

For more on the GE apple campaign, go to

Join us for dinner and stop the GM apple, 8th April

Graze-hi-rezGraze Restaurant in Vancouver has kindly offered to host a fundraiser for us on the 8th April. Come out and have a great meal and help stop the GM apple too!

Nova Scotia apple growers say to the GM apple

Nova Scotia apple growers have joined apple growers across Canada saying they want to stop production of the GM apple being developed in the Okanagan.

All apple growers’ associations in Canada, through the Apple Growers Group, have now said stop the GM apple. So why is it being developed?

For our apple campaign, go to the Nova Scotia apple growers, see

Hear Thierry Vrain on Saltspring Island 23rd March 7pm

Come hear Thierry at Meaden Hall on Saltspring

Learn How GMO Foods Are Affecting Our Health

March 23, 2014, 7 pm, Meaden Hall, 120 Blain Road, Salt Spring Island

Entrance by Donation

Thierry Vrain, retired geneticist with the Government of Canada and currently an organic farmer and teacher will talk about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.

Dr. Thierry Vrain, a retired soil biologist and genetic engineer who, after a 30-year career with Agriculture Canada, no longer supports GE technology. Alarmed by the avalanche of scientific studies out of Europe raising many concerns about the long- term safety of GE foods, including the allergenic potential of GE plants containing rogue proteins and organ damage in rats fed GE foods over a few months, Dr. Vrain is intent on increasing public awareness about this growing issue and having the federal agencies in the US and Canada take notice.

ORGANISED BY: Island Natural Growers, Saltspringers for Safe Food, and the Society for a GE Free BC FOR MORE INFO: or

See GMO OMG in Coquitlam 29th March 7pm

Cornerstone Seventh Day Adventist Church
1415 Noons Creek Drive, Coquitlam

Go to the following link for the poster: