Action Alert: stop the GM apple

Tell your Grocery Store to Ban the GM Apple

Have you heard about the genetically modified (GM) “non-browning” apple? It could be approved in Canada and the U.S. this year!  69% of Canadians don’t want the GM apple approved! Are you one of them?

If you don’t want to eat GM apples, now is the time to take action!

Tell your grocery store to commit not to sell the GM apple:
1. Visit your local grocery store and ask the manager to commit never to stock the GM apple.
2. Write to the head office of your grocery store and ask them to commit to keep GM apples out of the produce section.
These two actions will be very influential. The consumer is always right! That’s you!

Take action before March 30.

For “Talking Points” to help you talk about the apple at your grocery store:
For more info and action:
For actions in BC check out:

This action alert was issued by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and the Society for a GE Free BC, February 20, 2014

Contact GE Free BC at

What is the GM “non-browning” apple?

A genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) apple could be approved in Canada and the U.S. this year. The apple is genetically modified to not turn brown after being cut, with modified apple DNA and genetic material from two bacteria and one virus.

The GM “non-browning” apples are designed to look fresh when they’re not, and will mislead customers. 69% of Canadians don’t want the GM apple approved.

GM contamination threatens the future of our apples, and the farmers who grow them. The BC Fruit Growers Association officially opposes the GM apple, and the U.S. Apple Association “does not support the approval of this product.”

This GM apple would be the first GM apple in the world, and the first GM fruit to be grown in Canada.

For detailed information and updates please visit


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