Stop the GE apple: join our campaign

The Society for a GE Free BC and CBAN are launching a campaign to stop the genetically engineered apple being developed in the Okanagan. We think the GE apple can be stopped because all municipalities in BC have passed a resolution against it, apple grower associations in BC and Washington State have publicly come out against the apple, and no one wants the apple except the company in the Okanagan developing it.

Join our campaign: email or leave a comment here, and read more below.

For details on the GE apple go to:

You can start campaigning now by collecting signatures on the hard copy petition against the GE apple and expressing your concerns to your local MLA. We will keep you posted on campaign activities on an ongoing basis.

We are running this campaign in the same way we ran the successful UBCM campaign in 2013, by working through community groups and contacts. We would like one organization, group, or person to act as focal point for every riding in BC.  Please consider if you or your organization are willing to take on this role in your community, and if not, if you know anyone else willing to do so. We will provide you with all the resource material you need, including petitions and fact sheets. Or alternatively just get in touch and we will send you details of contacts in your area.

At the CBAN website you will find all of the information you need:

  • Talking points to contact your MLA  and for letters to your local newspaper
  • Petitions for signature
  • The GE apple postcard
  • A link to all of BC’s MLA’s

We look forward to working with you on this campaign.




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