Community protests stop Monsanto in Argentina

AResistance and resilience stops Monsanto.

January 2014: Victory for protestors in Argentina! The Chamber of Labor has ruled a halt to construction of Monsanto’s new GM corn seed processing plant, until review of an environmental impact study and a referendum to see if local inhabitants are in favor or against the Monsanto venture. The court ruled that the ongoing construction of the seed plant is unconstitutional. Building has been paralyzed for three months because of demonstrations including a protest camp. You can read about the decision here:

Local people say that plans for Monsanto’s new plant show construction of 240 silos for storage of chemically treated GM corn seeds. The silos have fans that are required to ventilate the shafts. GM corn in an enclosed area tends to rub together and produce dust. People in the community fear that when Monsanto switches on the fans the local town of Malvinas will be engulfed in a cloud of chemical dust.

Finally, please watch and share this amazing 2-minute TV report from Argentina. You will understand right away the joy and strength of the protestors as they learn of their victory, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Here’s what happens in the video regarding protests to stop construction of Monsanto’s GM corn seed processing plant in Latin America: It is a TV news item from TV10 Cordoba. In the first bit he’s reading a constitutional court ruling that says decisions by the Environment Department of the Province of Cordoba and by the town of Malvinas Argentinas are unconstitutional. The voice-over then says that work on the Monsanto corn plant site has been stopped until such time as an EIS has been done and a public hearing held, and that the decision is being evaluated carefully but the blockade will continue in the meantime. The next speaker says they’re going to demand a proper consultation, not a “public hearing,” which she says is easily manipulable by Monsanto. Then the next woman says the decision goes far beyond Malvinas Argentinas, that they don’t want corn plants or GMOs anywhere in the province, because of the excessive pesticide use and concomitant health effects.

The third person in the TV report says, “This is only the first step. Let’s not forget that we’re fighting the world’s biggest GMO multinational. We will stay right here. After all, the environmental impact procedure is a rubber stamp, the public hearing a formality. All it takes to get Monsanto out of here is a political decision by the government.  Until that comes down, we are not going to budge.” Watch the video here:


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