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Hear Thierry Vrain at UVic tonight 7pm

Hear Dr. Thierry Vrain talking about his concerns for genetically modified foods. Thierry is a retired genetic engineer who worked for the Federal Government for many years and is now an organic farmer. He knows the ins and outs of the science behind genetic engineering.


For the full BC and Alberta tour by Thierry and Shiv Chopra, go to:


Coverage of our campaign against the GE apple


BC apple growers say stop the GE apple

The BC Fruit Growers’ Association (BCFGA) has asked the federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to immediately stop the federal regulatory process needed for approval of the non-browning GM apple. “Our concern is the negative publicity for apples in general caused by the controversy over this GM apple,” said Jeet Dukhia, BCFGA president. “There is potential market damage caused to apple markets if this GM apple is approved. Indeed, it seems the damage is occurring even while the apple is in the regulatory process and a decision on its approval is still pending. The public thinks of apples as a pure, natural, healthy and nutritional fruit. GM apples are a risk to our market image.”