Tell the USDA what you think about the GE apple

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7 responses to “Tell the USDA what you think about the GE apple

  1. It is impossible to contain the pollen emitted from any genetically modified apple tree blossoms. So the instant you allow open use of the GE apple you contaminate everyone else’s crops, and destroy the market for non GM fruit.

  2. Myself and my family are committed to not eating GE foods. WE would prefer organic apples where they turn brown because they are not tgood to consume anymore, we’ve lived with these apples for thousands of years and they have caused no harm to human. We don’t know this with gmo’s. We’d like to see money put into sustaining our beautiful planet earth. Susan Wright

  3. Our bodies recognize and know how to utilize the nutrient in an apple as mother nature grows it. Who knows what crazy things will start going on in our bodies when we do crazy things to the food we eat! Time we all get back to nature; with all the advances in vertical gardening, everyone can grow a little something good for them. Label what’s already out there so we can make healthy choices for ourselves! I personally will not buy GE foods . . . period!

  4. looks like Obamacare is not the only US government site that experiences difficulties.
    Tried to leave a comment but it is down.

  5. that link isn’t working for me!

  6. It is an obvious and well known fact that plants cross-pollinate. GE plants will inevitably contaminate other plants and create undesirable, unacceptable and uncontrollable hybrids, which will ultimately eliminate traditional plants that have fed us and created our environment for thousands of years. This must stop before it is too late. We must sustain and protect what the earth has developed and not allow man-made, totally dis-honestly and non-objectively “tested” artificial species to invade and destroy what sustains and protects us.

  7. Why don’t we invest in a GE free world? It’s healthier, and people will actually want to buy what’s produced.

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