Help get GE sweetcorn out of Canada

Canadian Grocery Chains: Get GM Sweet Corn Out! Sign the petition today.

You, and your friends and family could unknowingly be buying genetically modified sweet corn! Please sign CBAN’s petition to the major grocery chains in Canada, to get genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) sweet corn (corn on the cob) out of the food supply.

In October 2013, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) tested conventional sweet corn samples from across Canada and found unlabelled genetically modified fresh sweet corn in grocery stores, roadside stands and farmers markets.

There has been a small, undetermined, amount of GM sweet corn, from the company Syngenta, on the market for over 10 years. However, in late 2011 Monsanto launched a line of GM sweet corn varieties as well.

GM sweet corn is the only whole GM food grown in Canada – as opposed to GM field corn, which is processed into food ingredients, animal feed and biofuels.

GM sweet corn is the third possible GM fruit or vegetable in the produce section of Canadian grocery stores. There could be some GM papaya (from the U.S. and China only) and some varieties of GM squash (from the U.S. only) that end up on our grocery shelves in Canada. (You can check for more info.)

GM sweet corn is genetically modified to be toxic to particular insects. The GM technology transforms the corn plant into a pesticide. In fact, the toxin, from the soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). is usually expressed in every cell of the plant including the corn  kernels. If certain insects try to eat the corn, they will die. The Bt toxin attaches to receptors in the gut of some insects, rupturing the gut and killing the insect. Health Canada approved GM corn without conducting any of its own safety tests.

GM foods are not labelled in Canada and our government does not track GM foods and crops.

Certified organic sweet corn is definitely not GM because organic farming prohibits the use of GM seeds, however certified organic sweet corn is not always available.

Thank you for taking action to get GM sweet corn out of Canada!

You can take more action! Please also write a personal letter to the head office of the grocery store where you shop! This action is very important. For more information and action please visit


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