Support a GE Free zone in the North Okanagan

The Regional District Board of Directors’ meeting is Wednesday Nov. 6th from 4 PM to 8 PM. We’re told they will discuss our request on becoming GMO crop Free. It’s important for RDNO to make a statement supporting this and send a clear message to our provincial Representative who will at some point have to support or deny the motion voted on at UBCM.

Below is the email Bee SAFE sent to the staff of RDNO asking them to remind the board of why they should support our request.

send an email to or phone 250-550-3700 saying this is to record that (give your name and address ) want the board on Wednesday to make a clear decision that protects organic and conventional agriculture from GMO contamination.
Ask others close to you to do the same.
And as you know, showing up at the meeting on Wednesday (preferably with a sign) always has a greater impact.


Since becoming GMO crop free will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting I wanted to be sure you would inform/remind the board of the actions already done on that issue so people know they are not being ignored.
Here is a summary:
RDNO board has been fully informed via presentations as well as numerous voice and email communications from Bee SAFE that organic and conventional crops cannot co-exist with GM crops. Further proofs are the facts that Mexico banned all GM corn, that Oregon banned all GM canola in the 3 million acres where brassica seeds are produced, and that CBAN found that 35% of the sample of sweet corn tested contained GMO.
The vote in Area D and E showed that 93% want to be GMO crop free whereas only 10 families supported GM crops. Since then, we know of at least 2 dairy farms in area D that are shifting to organic and of a new local cheese factory awaiting organic status, that buys milk from one of these farms.
Over a hundred people have written letters to NORD asking directors to support becoming GMO Free. (Maybe they should be reminded that one letter represents 100 more who feel the same but don’t bother writing).
The Certified Organic Association of BC also wrote in support, as did the Council of Canadians, SENS, area D’s EcoVillage and many other groups each representing hundreds more.
During rallies, another 350 people have signed a petition instead of writing letters.
Bee SAFE now has over 500 subscribers.
61 BC areas have already chosen to become GMO FREE.
60% of elected leaders voted to ask the province to become fully GMO FREE.
People expect a decision from their local representatives that will accurately inform our provincial MLA of the will of his constituents.
Since the RAAC has already admitted that both kinds of agriculture cannot co-exist, people expect the board to clarify whether RDNO is directing the future of agriculture towards organic and conventional agriculture or towards GM crops.

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