Roberts Creek now a GE Free zone

Here is the text from the Roberts Creek OCP  – joining many many other communities across BC who have said no to GE crops. When is the Provincial government going to start listening?

Sunshine Coast Regional District Roberts Creek Official Community Plan

Policy 9.4.8 No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

a) the Regional District is …..encouraged to designate Roberts Creek and the Sunshine Coast as a genetically engineered crop free zone.

b) The Regional District is encouraged to support the control and eradication of non-native or genetically modified organisms harmful to native species and the environment, and prevent introduction o f such harmful organisms.

One response to “Roberts Creek now a GE Free zone

  1. I think ” GE Free Zone” is false advertising a bit, don’t you? A resolution is intent to act and since you have told me that municipalities have no power to actually ban anything then they cannot, technically, make a resolution either. It sounds like these municipalities are making a Declaration against GE. In that case these zones could be said to have declared their opposition to GE. I think this wording is more honest and less confusing. Thank you.

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