Monsanto coming to the Okanagan to try and stop GE free zones

IMPORTANT: If you are in the Okanagan, come out and stop Monsanto. 300 people turned up in Richmond in May 2012 when Monsanto turned up, let’s get more out in Coldstream.

WHO: Crop Life, PR for Monsanto, at North Okanagan Regional District
WHEN: Wednesday September 11th – at 6 PM,
WHERE: Regional District of the North Okanagan (RDNO) office, 9848 Aberdeen Road, Coldstream

Please come support the RDNO committee members who do represent our concerns about GMO crops. These volunteers need our support to stand up to Pro-GMO members and to corporate pressure. Our presence will also remind NORD that people have already spoken.

In most of Europe people demanded a ban on GM crops. They got it. In BC, 61 communities have demanded to be GMO crop free. They also got it.
Here, hundreds have written letters demanding to be GMO Crop Free – Hundreds more signed a petition and voted to be GE Free. *Organizations representing thousands of people have written to support our demand.
After more than 5 years of volunteer efforts on our part, what has NORD decided to do? The chair of the Agricultural committee invited Crop Life to come present their side of the story.

Why would NORD believe what a paid rep from an industry selling GMO seeds and pesticides say instead of believing what unpaid scientists and volunteers are saying?

Your presence will count – see the difference people made in Richmond!


One response to “Monsanto coming to the Okanagan to try and stop GE free zones

  1. I think NORD invited them because they believe in the democratic process and that both sides should be heard in an arguement. I am all for a GMO ban but strongly believe that in a free and democratic country that both sides should be heard and given the respect deserved.

    There are arguements for and against GMO. I personally am against but feel we should always be open to debate because I am not so arrogant to assume that I am always right.
    If anyone chooses to attend please be respectful og the speaker from Crop Life and attack their arguements; not the person.

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