Grand Forks is now a GE Free zone

Congratulations to Grand Forks which is now the 62nd GE Free zone in BC.Well done the amazing campaigners in Grand Forks for adding your town to the list! Every community that passes a GE Free resolution adds pressure on the Provincial government to declare a moratorium on GE crops and animals.

For more details on Ge Free zones in BC go to:

14 responses to “Grand Forks is now a GE Free zone

  1. I understand the Fraser Valley is growing GM corn and I would like to know if any of their sweet corn sold for consumption is gm. How can I find out? I lived there for awhile and loved their corn but won’t buy it this year until I know more. Linda


    • i think most corn and grain in North America is GMO, but the original idea of GMO crops was to reduce pesticide use, and to my knowledge that is still ONE of the goals of GMO’s the secondary goal is also to profit from sterile seed and end some traditional re-seeding crops

  2. this needs to be posted on facebook…

  3. its happening people….!!!!!!!!

  4. Are these resolutions passed by local government or are they farmer-declared GE-free zones like what they have done in Germany?

  5. I understand that most corn is GM 😦 Please correct me if I am wrong…

  6. I wonder if any GE corn fuel crops are grown here?

  7. Does this mean importing GE soy and corn to feed BC animals will be banned?

    • Hi Butterfly you have posted a number of similar posts about what a GE Free zone means. You can find out more on our resources page – this is a resolution, it is not a bylaw, in fact municipalities don’t have the jurisdiction to ban crops. It is a statement from the community saying they don’t want GE crops.

  8. I guess a “statement” is a necessary first step, but a ban will have to follow.

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