Nestle agrees to remove GE corn from its infant food in South Africa

Nestle has gone on record in South Africa as saying that “it took consumer preferences into consideration and therefore all its infant cereals in South Africa used non-GM maize”, the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) announced Friday.

“This can only be a result of the action that so many…took last year after we released the results showing that Nestle’s Cerelac Honey contained 77.65% GM Maize. This is a victory indeed!” ACB continued.

ACB recently released results of tests conducted on 7 baby formulas and cereals, by an independent and accredited GM testing laboratory. The results reveal that Purity baby cereals contain extremely high levels of GM content whereas Nestlé’s infant formulas and cereal indicate that Nestle appears to be going GM free. Aspen’s infant formulas also indicate GM avoidance. Shockingly, comparisons also reveal that Purity’s GM baby cereals cost 250% more than non-GM cereals, exploding the myth that GM free food is an expensive and impractical luxury.


One response to “Nestle agrees to remove GE corn from its infant food in South Africa

  1. The longer we put up with corrupt governments on all levels, we will continue to see corruption ,lies and poisons at the corporate level of business’ contaminating ,not just food but all consumer goods.Notably,WIFI ,computers, modems,cell phones,games etc.WE have made these things necessary to our daily way of life,even though these things are detrimental to life itself.IS THIS NOT INSANITY????????

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