Where are the 61 GE Free Zones in BC?

GE Free Zones in British Columbia

15th June 2013

Our definition of a GE Free Zone is a municipality or group of municipalities which has passed a resolution against GE crops and animals within its jurisdiction.

Currently there are in 61 GE Free Zones in BC, which are the following (in rough order in which the resolution was passed):

Powell River (2004)

Salt Spring Island (2004)

Denman Island (2004)

Nelson (2008)

Kaslo (2009)

Rossland (2009)

New Denver (2009)

Richmond (2012)

Saanich (2012)

Metchosin (2012)

Telkwa (2013)

51 municipalities within the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC, resolution passed April 2013 – for AVICC members go here http://avicc.ca/about-the-avicc/avicc-members-2/)

City of North Vancouver (2013)

Metchosin and Saanich are in the AVICC area, but are not counted twice here.

In addition in September 2012 the Union of BC Municipalities endorsed a motion brought by the Okanagan-Similkameen against the genetically engineered apple being developed in the Okanagan.

Also two communities in the Okanagan, Cherryville and Lumby, have undertaken public voting where over 90 per cent of the population have voted for a GE Free Zone.

A large number of other municipalities across the Province, including Vancouver, Grand Forks, Duncan, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Campbell River and many others, are working towards becoming GE Free Zones. If you would like to get involved in a campaign in your community, email gefreebc07@yahoo.ca

For resources and background on GE Free Zones, go to the resources tab.


5 responses to “Where are the 61 GE Free Zones in BC?

  1. I fully Appreciate all the hard work to get these declarations but in reality I just don’t see how it will be true. Are there sufficient funds and technology to test imported food for GE? Are municipalities prepared to buy all their food from local sources so the veracity of growers/producer’s claims to be GE free can be verified? Are they going to now ban products made with GE soy and corn? Just think of all the foodstuffs now on retail grocer’s shelves that they will now have to prohibit.

  2. Well we’re not gonna change large chain grocery stores. We won’t be able to tell them to stop selling packaged, canned, frozen foods with GE ingredients. The best thing as I see it is to join a local farm, BC wide is good enough for me. Choose a farmer who does not support GE. This means we’re gonna have to have many more farms producing organic animal feed. It also means we’re all gonna have to get used to paying more for food.

  3. KudOs btw to whomever set up the donation system on this site: quick, simple but thorough.

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