City of North Vancouver votes unanimously to become a GE Free zone

10th June

This evening the City of North Vancouver became the 2nd Vancouver municipality, and the 62nd municipality in the Province, to become a GE Free zone.

Councillors who were originally doubtful changed their mind during the meeting after a number of community members made forceful presentations about the importance of this issue.

Congratulations to all the campaigners who worked on this, the next piece in the puzzle to making the whole of BC GE Free.

A GE Free BC is possible. Please donate to our campaigns from this blog (scroll down to the donate button on the right hand side of the page) – we are 100% volunteer so all your funds go to the campaign.

Get in touch at if you want to get involved in a campaign in your community.

26 responses to “City of North Vancouver votes unanimously to become a GE Free zone

  1. Muriel Overall

    Congratulations !

  2. Rosemary Plummer

    Good work!

  3. What? I was at this meeting and they certainly never “voted unanimously to become a GE Free zone”. They voted unanimously for city staff to look into the logistics of banning a sale on GE seeds and food in the city (which is great news!). But at no point in time did they state North Van will become a GE free zone. The headline and text isn’t true.

    • Hi Corree, they accepted the slight modification to the language in the resolution we presented which asked for a moratorium on GE crops and animals, which is how we are defining a GE Free zone. Did you see the resolution? It was unanimously accepted, and will be in the minutes of the meeting which will come out by next week.

      • Stathie Prattas

        I am from the Island of Hawaii, where a bill is pending a vote to ban GMO’s on the island, and curious about whether this is an ordinance or just a resolution? If just a resolution, does anyone have to follow it?

      • Hi Stathie, it’s a resolution, so non-binding and not a bylaw. Municipalities here can’t legislate what crops are grown in their boundaries, but they can ban the sale of seeds, which North Vancouver is considering (and would be the first in Canada). Good luck in Hawaii, we are following you here with interest and hope.

      • Much appreciated! We have 9 councilmen to win over to ban GMO’s on our island…and the massive public response to them has been great…but we have organized Farmer groups opposed…so it will be tooth & nail all the way!

        Our GMO bill (attached) is being heard again on July 2nd…so Happy Canada Day to all of you up north!

        Aloha, Stathie

        Stathie J. Prattas (R) PB, Green, RSPS, ZPro Coast Properties Ltd

        On Wed Jun 12 21:38:38 CDT 2013, GE Free BC

      • Good luck, if Hawaii manager this many other places will fllow.

  4. Fantastic! As Martin Luther King said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  5. Indeed, congratulations!

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  7. So, what is the purpose of this if it has no teeth? It means nothing!

    • Bob, if it means nothing we wouldn’t have hundreds of citizens turning up at Council meetings all over the Province and Monsanto/Crop Life sending their PR staff to the same meetings. This is BC saying not to GE crops community by community. it puts pressure on farmers to transition away from Ge crops, which we would like to support as there are many alternatives, and makes it more difficult for new farmers to grow these crops. And it sends a clear message to Victoria and Ottawa. Provincial and Federal govts have done nothing to protest the public, so the municipal level is our only recourse.

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  9. So tell me, on the basis of what science did the Councilors make this decision? Did they read and carefully consider the pros and cons of genetically modified foods? What are the credentials of the “community members” who made presentations? Did anybody check the sources which, presumably, these community members used to inform their opinions?

    • Our main source is “Myths and Truths”, a synthesis of 600 recent studies on GE crops by three geneticists. You can access this document here – and we would be interested in your view on this as you are writing a science blog. Please review the publication and let us know what you think the problems with it are. One of our advisors is Dr. Thierry Vrain, who is also a geneticist who worked for many years in a senior position on Ge crops with the Canadian government. One of the community members (who lives in North Vancouver) also has a PhD.

  10. what other city in BC are ge free ? is Coquitlam one of them I would like to know….THANKS

  11. Mazell Kolvyn

    Congratulations North Vancouver for your foresight!!

  12. Reblogged this on Simon Bates Photography and commented:
    Progressive thinking – common sense prevails.

  13. Leslee Tessman

    We know that all corn is GMO, what if we send out tweets, facebooks, e-mails etc… to encourage all our friends & family to boycott buying corn (unless it is organic) Make a statement!!

  14. I am super happy about this. We are moving one step at a time towards a better community! Thank you to all those working on this project.

    One question: does organic mean non-GMO? I thought organic means raised organic and that a GMO seed could still be grown organically and sold as certified organic… However, it is still genetically modified.
    For corn (or anything else for that matter) to be non-GMO, it would have to be labeled non-GMO, not just organic…

    • Hi Tara, organic means non-GMO. There may be very small amounts of contamination of organic crops by GMOs, but to all effects and purposes organic means non-GMO.

  15. The GMO corn looks lovely but it lacks taste. It certainly is not the corn we had in the past..

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