Food Revolution Summit — Vandana Shiva interviewed by John Robbins

The Bovine

By Raoul Bedi, BASc 

The past few months has seen a massive shift in the “tectonic plates” of the food rights and food security movement not only in Canada but in the larger North American context. Some might say that it all began with the narrow defeat (voting irregularities aside) of the Proposition 37 “Right to GMO Labeling” referendum in California on November 6, 2012.

From the Non-GMO Project website we can see that, despite the California setback, the ‘Right to Know’ effort has, instead, gained significant momentum. Through marches, rallies, petitions, social media, and targeted outreach campaigns, consumers are demanding that the government respect their right to know what’s in their food by labeling GMOs.

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6 responses to “Food Revolution Summit — Vandana Shiva interviewed by John Robbins

  1. April, it would have been nice if some credit was given to Moralea Milne, Councillor in Metchosin who brought the motion (or what ever it is called) to the meeting of all the municipalities. It is my belief she did so. It was her pushing that created the stand.

    Maybe I am wrong, and I most certainly am not discrediting all your or GE Free BC efforts…….but think it would be nice. Unless I am totally mistaken.

    • Thanks Liz, this is a really good point. Having said that we try not to profile individuals too much on this blog as we don’t want them to become targets.

  2. Crista Damato

    You’ve probably seen this but in case you haven’t, here’s more bad news on the Monsanto front.

  3. Michael and Jenica Coon-Waymen

    > > >

  4. In my May 1, 2013 two part article, on the work of Vandana Shiva and major milestones achieved in the overall anti-GMO movement, that was published exclusively in The Bovine, and that has since gone viral across North America, I acknowledged some of the major food security and anti-GMO activists of our time.
    Of course such an acknowledgement is cursory and can in no way come near to acknowledging all the sleepless efforts of millions of people, non-profit organizations, farmers and companies to identify and ultimately rid the planet of the menace of genetically-modified seed and the patenting of life forms.
    2. Thank you Liz , I think that is a wonderful idea to write an “inside story” about Metchosin Councillor Moralea Milne’s contribution to that GMO paradigm-shifting vote and ban on Vancouver Island last month . My (our ) approach is to give credit to as many local food activists and heroes as possible but there are space limitations in any given article . If you read my article published yesterday “Dr.Thierry Vraion on GMO Dangers” I honour still 2 more highly creative anit-gmo activists not mentioned in the first article and , yes , one of them is an “islander” .

    Thank you ,
    Raoul Bedi
    Local Food Activist and Blogger

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