Hear Thierry Vrain on 22nd May and June 5th

Dr.Thierry Vrain of Innisfreefarm , Courtenay , BC will be interviewed by Andrew Rezmer of Conscious Living Radio on May 22, 2013 from 6PM to 7PM. You may listen to the interview live or online .


Sponsored by Raoul Bedi,  Local Food Activist and Conscious Media Consultant

Thierry is a great speaker – former geneticist and now an organic farmer who knows everything you need to know about what is wrong with GE crops.

Thierry will be at a community forum on GE crops on the 5th June. Go to the link below for more details


2 responses to “Hear Thierry Vrain on 22nd May and June 5th

  1. Tony, I am giving a TED talk in Courtenay on Thursday 23rd and I have a rehearsal the day before on the 22nd at 5 pm. I cancelled my interview on Conscious Living Radio last week when I realized I could not do both. Raoul is hoping to have me on this show the following week.


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  2. So modern wheat is a genetic mutation. Gamma rays and chemicals were used to produce the wheat we eat today. I wonder how this effects “gluten intolerance.”. The good news is the old fashioned, uncorrupted wheat can still be bought; usually called Artisan Wheat.

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