Vancouver Island declares itself a GE Free zone

51 municipalities yesterday supported a motion brought forward by Metchosin to make Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities a genetically engineered free zone – from Victoria to Comox to Campbell River to the Sunshine Coast and to Ucluelet!!!!

For the communities covered, go here

Being a GE free zone means that citizens have said no to genetically engineered crops. A resolution is not a bylaw, but it makes everyone understand the level of opposition to GE crops.

Thanks and congratulations to all the local activists involved in this amazing victory for sustainable agriculture.

Please consider making a donation to GE Free BC through the donate button on the right hand side of this page. We are 100% volunteer with no staff or administrative costs, so all of your donation will go to our campaigns to promote sustainable agriculture and against GE crops in BC.

16 responses to “Vancouver Island declares itself a GE Free zone

  1. What a shame that the word “free” is missing from the first sentence!

  2. We need to keep GE out of the soil too so that means only organic manure.

  3. I don’t know how we’re gonna keep GE imports out. Is the govt really going to check if tomatoes from Mexico are GE? Or if meats were fed GE feed? I guess all we can do is try to keep it out of our locally produced, organic food.

  4. I hope we set precedent for bringing this to fruition! Is this a philosophical statement? I’ve been trying to find out if municipalities actually have infrastructure to support this if it is really going to keep
    us GMO free.

    • Hi, it’s a resolution, not a bylaw – that is the best municipalities can do. This is the community saying, through their elected representatives, that they don’t want GE crops. Wherever a resolution has gone forward it has passed more or less unanimously. Where GE Free zone resolutions have passed, farmers growing GE crops are under pressure to transition out, and other farmers are reluctant to grow GE crops. The Federal government won’t do anything, and neither has the Provincial govt for the last 12 years, which is why we are working at the municipal level. This is far from symbolic – hundreds of people are turning up at municipal meetings all over the province to protest against GE crops.

  5. This makes me very happy

  6. Gillian Kadiri

    People need to learn how to grow some of their own produce and be educated on the danger of the chemicals used in genetic engineering

  7. the only problem with this is that now the cost of locally produced food will be much higher and also there may not be enough food being produced to support our population here henceforth we will have to import more food at a higher cost to the consumer, also people who grow non ge or organic food still use chemicals and pesticides that date back as far as the 70s when in reality there are better new engineered chemicals and pesticides that are much less harmful than what they use there just so stuck in there ways that they wont change and if you think there growing stuff without them do your homework its just not possible.

    • Thanks for your post. All the GE crops grown on Vancouver Island are GE corn for animal feed. No GE crops are being consumed directly by humans right now, so we just need to find an alternative source of animal feed (cows shouldn’t be eating corn anyway, they should be grass fed).

      • Mary Russell

        Butterfly, you put your antenna right on it.

      • Mary Russell

        GE FREE BC?
        How can it be only cowfeed corn is GE corn? I understand that hundreds of miles of GE corn is grown for us to eat…those excruciatingly sweet cobs, and our Mazola corn oil too. And soybeans. Corn the worst…we are eating something with pesticide genes in its seed…a bacteria that is harmless in nature’s dose found in a certain plant to protect it from bugs…but Monsanto has upped the strength of this BT poison manifold times…and thereby it killed 48 cows in its testing field according to the environmental reports online and is being sued for hiding the evidence. And from all quarters we are told if we want to eat non GE food to avoid all commonly culitvated foods such as corn and soy and wheat. Yes even wheat the bread of life. It no longer ripples in the wind like the waves of the sea–its stems have been shortened and thickened to stand up stiff as a bureaucrats mind, and it too has been GM’d, according to the environmental orgs online. So we pretty much have to stick to quinoa, and those strange other grains if we want to be GM free. The more of us buy Organic food tho, the more they can grow Organic food, so its the best thing we can do for these honestogoodness farmers….

    • Ryerson? How can you claim “people who grow organic food still use chemicals and pesticides”.? That to my knowledge is the first amendment as far as becoming Organic is concerned. In fact my sister had to refrain from claiming Organic status for three years–until her land could be assumed free of chemical fertilzers etc
      from previous farming practices. So whence comes your claim to the contrary?

  8. It’s gonna take time and care to make soils fertile again. The years of using pesticides and herbicides as well as only growing one thing year after year (monoculture) have taken a toll on the soil. So at first, the organics folks are gonna have to deal with yield that may be lower than industrial ag. But we need to think longer term here. This is why we say that industrial ag is not sustainable. It does not give enough back. People, governments, business needs to get away from short-term-benefit thinking. We have got ourselves where we are now. Industrialization sold us a false reality, that there will always be plenty, that we don’t need to give back, that nature is a machine.

  9. So proud of everybody! Thanks C-BAN and Lucy Sharratt! I am so glad I live among smart healthy people on Vancouver Island:)

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