January 29th 7pm Mobius cafe Vancouver hear Thierry Vrain

Learn How GMO Foods Are Affecting Our Health
January 29, 7- 9:30 pm
Mobius Café
4125 Main Street, Vancouver

Come and hear Dr. Thierry Vrain, an expert on genetically engineered crops, and learn about the affects of GE foods and what you can do about it.

Thierry was a genetic engineer in agricultural research, heading a Canadian Government Biotechnology Department. In his presentation he will explain the hopes for the technology 25 years ago and from recent scientific research, the evidence to question the success and status of this technology. He counters claims that engineered crops are safe, increase yields, decrease pesticide use and are benign to the environment. Thierry now has an organic farm on Vancouver Island.

Also hear about the Provincial Campaign against the genetically engineered apple being developed in the Okanagan, and the plan to turn Vancouver into a genetically engineered free zone. There are currently ten GE Free communities in BC, including Richmond.

Organised by Mobius Café (a GE Free zone) and the Society for a Genetically Engineered Free BC


One response to “January 29th 7pm Mobius cafe Vancouver hear Thierry Vrain

  1. These days you really can not be careful enough when it comes to what you eat, where do you buy it and where does it come from. That applies to fruits and vegetables also. I am curious about this lecture, will something more about it posted online?

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