Why GE crops won’t feed the world

Much of the hype around new technology centres around solving problems such as hunger or disease. But anyone who knows anything about hunger also knows that distribution is as much a problem as production. We now have 1 billion people who are obese, and 1 billion people undernourished – in other words a totally dysfunctional global food system based on profit rather than social equity and environmental sustainability. GE crops are central to this dysfunctionality.

If GE crops were about feeding hungry people, why do a majority of them (maybe 60%) go to cattle feed, which is an enormously wasteful way to use land and water – read Eleanor Boyle’s excellent book on this and why we need to eat less meat: http://www.newsociety.com/Contributors/B/Boyle-Eleanor

If our food was distributed equally there would be more than enough to feed us all. The proof – in Europe and North America we throw away 30-50% of the food we produce.


Tristram Stuart, an anti waste activitst, has a really good talk on this




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