Proposition 37

Many of you who follow this blog will also have followed Proposition 37 in California for the mandatory labelling of GE foods, which will be voted on on November 6th.

As there has been lots of media about Proposition 37 and this blog is about BC and Canada, we haven’t been posting on the vote, but if you want more info, go to

Of course biotech companies are pouring in the $ with ads saying vote no, but that’s just to be expected.

If the vote is yes, and it isn’t overturned by legal challenges, then two things will likely happen. The rest of the US will follow suit, and then Canada will do the same. So if you support mandatory labelling and know anyone in California, now is the time.


One response to “Proposition 37

  1. GMO ‘S ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE IN BC Keep our food and our land clean.

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