Saanich Council Advisory Committee supports a GE Free zone

Help Saanich become the next GE Free zone in BC.
The Saanich Health Advisory Committee, which advises Council, approved the following motion on the 18th October:

“That the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee recommends that Saanich Council does not support the use of genetically modified seed crops within the District of Saanich, and that Council write to the federal Minister of Agriculture, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and local MPs in support of the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.”

Next step Saanich Council, probably on the 19th November, for a final decision. If you live in or near Saanich or know anyone who does, contact local Councillors and let them know you want Saanich to become the 9th GE Free zone in BC


3 responses to “Saanich Council Advisory Committee supports a GE Free zone

  1. Why have you chosen GE and not GM free? Just curious?

    • Carol, GE is short for “Genetically Engineered”. While GM is short for “Genetically Modified”, GE is more appropriate as it does make a clear statement that we “oppose” foods altered in a lab (vertical inheritance). GM can be used for either lab-engineered foods or for anything in nature, as all plants are modified each year (climate is one example: this is “vertical inheritance”).

    • Genetic engineering is what is happening, genetic modification is too tame. We use the terms interchangeably as more people tend to use GM.

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