more opposition to the GE apple

Today I was at our local farmer’s market and there was a vendor selling apples and other fruit from the Okanagan. We had a chat about the GE apple and her question was – why would anyone want to do that?

Why indeed? Check out this piece against the GE apple


3 responses to “more opposition to the GE apple

  1. GM apple is a very bad idea. GMOs have been improperly tested by the industry. A recent independent study showing the ill effect on rats shows GMO’s dangers. What the industry does is to obtain results of testing rats too soon before the ill effects materializes. An independent study which tested rats with reference to their entire lifetime and provides a true insight into the harm of GMOs is being attacked by Monsanto and friends.

  2. With every step Monsanto and “friends” keep making me more money as people search for growers doing things right….

  3. Because of the Monsanto company and the like, I asked some farmers for a plot of land so that I may grow my own vegetables and the extras go to neighbours,friends and people who appreciate pure (and I mean pure!) produce. I am a small home gardener, but do not have enough land at my house. I am thrilled at the offers I received from the farmers and other gardeners. Now I have a good sized (a little more than 30 feet by 30 feet) garden, plenty big enough for a 3 headed family. I fertilize with compost and my own green manures (buckwheat,fall rye,phaecelia,clover,etc.). I am a happy person, learning more and more about growing. What I cannot grow, I buy LOCALLY from our fantastic farm community. WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.

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