Special meeting of Saanich Advisory Committeee about GE crops October 10th

We understand that Mr. Robert Wager, who regularly attends such meetings to speak in favour of GE crops, will be attending. So if you are in the Saanich area please come out and make your presence felt. Over 300 hundred people turned up at the council meeting in Richmond in May to protest GE crops, when  Council there passed a GE Free zone resolution. The Saanich meeting will feed into the decision to be made by Saanich Council later this year.

Special Meeting of the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee:

On October 10, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at Saanich Municipal Hall (770 Vernon Avenue) the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee will hold a special meeting to hear from the agricultural industry and community on the topic of genetically modified seed crops.

Attendees should pre-register at clerksec@Saanich.ca, or call
250-475-1775 extension 3505. HSAC Chair is Councillor Dean Murdock.


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