Sign the petition to make North Vancouver a GE Free zone

It just takes three minutes guys!

EcoUrbia and the Society for a Genetically Free BC will be asking North Vancouver City Council to oppose the cultivation of genetically modified crops, plants and trees in the City of North Vancouver. There are now eight GE Free zones in BC, including Richmond. North Vancouver could be next!

For the reasons below, and many others, we ask that North Vancouver City Council support a resolution to ban the growing of genetically engineered crops within City limits.

For more information go to:

Please ask North Vancouver City Council needs to take a positive stance in support of a GE Free Zone in our municipality.

1. We know that genetically modified crops have never been tested in Canada for human safety. Results from Europe are showing that ingestion of these crops has been linked to kidney and liver damage

2. We know that the use of genetically engineered corn, soy and canola have increased the use of pesticides and have caused the emergence of resistant weeds and insects

3. We know that Round-Up is not the benign pesticide that industry claims it is. The active ingredient, glyphosate, has been detected in human urine and has been linked to birth defects.

4. We know the planting of genetically engineered crops risks the contamination of traditional plants through cross pollination, and threatens organic crops.


2 responses to “Sign the petition to make North Vancouver a GE Free zone

  1. I am in favour of banning all kinds of GMOs.

  2. North Vancouver (and elsewhere) should be GM free zone.

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