Avoid eating GE sweetcorn

Monsanto’s new genetically modified (GM) sweetcorn may be at your local grocery store and farmers market!

Take Action:
Ask your farmer and your local grocery store manager if they are selling GM sweet corn. Ask them to make sure their supply is non-GM for next year!
Write to the major grocery chains that serve your area – visit their website to send an email or write your letter.
Please send your responses or information you get from your farmer and grocery store to CBAN info@cban.ca

Monsanto’s new GM sweet corn is both insect resistant (its toxic to certain insects!) and herbicide tolerant (its used with the herbicide Roundup!). GM corn has been one of the four major GM crops grown in the world – along with canola, soy and cotton – but, until now, this was mostly hard corn used for processed food ingredients and animal feed. Different corn varieties have different qualities and are grown for different reasons. There are no GM popcorn varieties on the market, for example. GM sweet corn will be the first GM insect resistant (Bt) crop in the world that could be widely consumed as a whole, unprocessed food.

Monsanto’s GM sweet corn is engineered to be toxic to particular insects. The GM technology transforms the corn plant into a pesticide. In fact, the toxin, from the soil bacteria Bacillus theringenisis or Bt, is expressed in every cell of the plant including the corn kernels. If certain insects, including the European corn borers, corn earworms, fall army worms and corn rootworm larvae, try to eat the corn, they will die. The Bt toxin attaches to receptors in the gut of some insects, rupturing the gut and killing the insect. More info: http://www.cban.ca/corn

For a list of GM foods on the market see http://www.cban.ca/gmfoods


3 responses to “Avoid eating GE sweetcorn

  1. Monsanto GM corn is poison! It is engineered so as to be toxic to certain insects. If it is toxic to certain insects it is bound to be toxic to other living beings including humans.

  2. As I understand the mechanism behind Bt which is the genetic component that is inserted into the corn plant, it is not toxic to mammals under normal usage ( spraying on plants where it is quickly degraded by natural means and removed by washing as it is only on the surface of the plant),in fact there are strains of Bt that are toxic to only single species of lepodopteran insects. the real risk is not in the plants toxicity to humans but the fact that Antiioitic resistance is bred into GMO organisims to help industry sort out which cells have been sucessfully modified; in addition Bt is the only effective pesticide permitted in organic farming practices, and the creation of Bt resistant insects make Bt useless, thereby removing a extremely important tool utilized by organic farmers. there are many opinions on the safety of GMO’s but clouding the issue with opinion only makes the issue more difficult to understand. I agree there are risks that are not understood and causing a plant to produce pesticides within the cells where they cannot be removed is inheriantly dangerous. I do not support the use of GMO technology, or the patenting of seed for ethical reasons, I am passionate but try to keep a clear head and not allow emotion to cloud my comments.

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