Urgent! Virus threat to salmon




Deadly European viruses have been discovered in our indigenous/wild
salmon and may lead to their extinction in less than five years! The
human health effects of these viruses are unknown. We have to act now!
This is similar to the smallpox virus that was spread to our Peoples
through the small pox blankets and killed more than 75% of our
populations in less than 5 years. This was deliberately done to wipe
out our people, along with other colonial strategies like killing off
the buffalo, which was the main food for Indigenous Peoples on the
Plains and forced them into treaties. The salmon are the bloodline of
our people, our main food and without them we lose our rights to fish!
When they tested our ancestors’ bones they showed that salmon made up
95% of our diet! With the salmon decreasing in our diet, we are
suffering from disease, like diabetes and cancer. Our lives are
interconnected with the salmon, they are our relatives. The salmon are
going through the same colonial experience that we have gone through.
Norwegian fish farms have colonized our waters and infected our wild
salmon. Our salmon are forced to swim through the fish farm cesspools
along their migratory routes. There is no safe passage for them!
Our indigenous/wild salmon have an amazing life cycle, that starts in
our lakes and rivers and takes them on a migratory journey of
thousands of kilometers into the oceans as far as Alaska and back
home. This requires a lot of stamina, but now our salmon are being
infected with viruses and are getting too sick to make it home and
spawn. Since 1992 up to 90% of the returning salmon that migrate past
the salmon farms are dying in the river, before they can spawn.
Whereas the salmon stocks that take a different migratory route with
no fish farms are increasing. There have been findings of heart virus,
salmon flu and brain tumors, all related to salmon farms. Findings of
these viruses have been covered up by the Department of Fisheries and
Oceans (DFO), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the Fish
Farm Industry and the Province of British Columbia. A provincial fish
vet has confirmed that over 70% of farmed salmon tested positive for
European heart virus and it is now in our wild salmon. How do you
expect our fish to make it through Hell’s Gate with a heart condition?

· yellow fish

· fish with soft flesh and/or sores

· bleeding fins, infected gills

· mushy hearts that disintegrate if you pull them out (whereas they
should be firm);

· red speckles on the belly

· Contact your leaders and urge them to take action to protect our
wild salmon and remove salmon farms from the migratory route of the
wild salmon!

· Demand that the human health effects of the viruses are studied!

· Explain to other people that deadly European viruses spread through
fish farms threaten our salmon along the migratory route and the
Fraser River.

· If you find any salmon that look sick, call: 1-866-WLD-SALM
(953-7256), or take pictures and email them to:

Lower Fraser: Rick Quipp: Tel: 604-798-5574 email:
rick.quipp@cheamband.com (political contact); Eddie Gardner:
604-792-0867; email: singingbear@shaw.ca (technical contact)
Interior: Arthur Manuel: Tel: 250-3190688 email: amanuel@telus.net
(political contact);
Nicole Schabus: Tel: 604-785 5806; email: schabus@telus.net (technical contact)
Vancouver Island + Coast: Tel: 250-974-8282; email:
bobbyc@telus.blackberry.net (political contact); Alexandra Morton:
Tel: 250-974-7086; email: gorbuscha@gmail.com (technical contact)

Dawn Morrison, Chair

Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty
C/O 495 East 58th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C,
V5X 1W1
Mobile: 250.318.7361
Email: dmo6842@gmail.com
Website: http://www.indigenousfoodsystems.org


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