Deconstructing Dinner’s Reincarnation onto the Screen

June 14, 2012

Dear Friends of Deconstructing Dinner and Supporters of Good Food,

I’m really excited to announce that this week marks the launch of an important online fundraising campaign, which, if successful, will support the production of a six-part Deconstructing Dinner online-accessible television series. I’m writing to ask for yours’ and your organization’s support in helping spread the word of this campaign to your friends, colleagues, members, supporters and networks.

For 5 years, Deconstructing Dinner aired on radio stations across Canada and the US and made its way to thousands of listeners via the show’s podcast. In late 2010, I put the show ‘on hold’ and used some of that time to launch a number of new projects, one of which is titled Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System. I’m calling it the ‘on-screen reincarnation’ of Deconstructing Dinner!

Also exciting are the words of support which David Suzuki, after viewing our pilot episode, has offered to the anticipated series; “One of our big problems today is that we live in a world that is shattered. We no longer see the interconnectivity of everything in the biosphere. Food is a way to reconnect with the planet. That’s why I feel this series is an important one” – David Suzuki.

Utilizing the popular Kickstarter online fundraising platform, the campaign is seeking to raise $60,000 of the project’s production budget by July 20. Like all Kickstarter campaigns, the fundraising is ‘all-or-nothing’ – which means projects must raise their goal or go home with nothing! Beyond the eventual creation of the important series, there are some great rewards too which all donors will receive – from pre-released copies of episodes to a personal visit from yours truly at your very own private catered screening of un-released episodes for you and your friends.

I’m working on this project alongside the James Beard award-winning filmmaker Declan O’Driscoll who co-produced the great television special Milk War about the legal battles faced by raw-milk farmer Michael Schmidt. I’m thrilled to partner with Declan and see the radio show evolve into something new. Our hope is that this series will become a critical resource which you or your organization can utilize to inspire the growing interest in the US and Canada to cultivate more resilient and vibrant local food systems. Each episode will feature one food and go behind the scenes of the food system to identify some of the key issues to consider when purchasing that food. As with the radio show, the episodes will also look to encourage each of us to develop more personal relationships to the source of those foods and empower us to become more involved in our local food communities.

The popular farm-to-table restaurant movement will also play an important part in the series, with each episode featuring a notable chef. The chefs will offer tips and tricks on how to turn our kitchens into the most important tools we have to effect positive change within our food systems. For the series’ pilot episode produced earlier in the year, Canadian culinary icon Michael Stadtlander of Eigensinn Farm lent his talents to an episode on pork. Other culinary wizards have already committed to being a part of future episodes including; New York City’s Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern, Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez of Print, and Blaine Wetzel of Lummi Island’s Willows Inn.

A link to the Kickstarter campaign can be found on the
Deconstructing Dinner web site at

There’s nothing like this series out there yet. Over the years, the radio show and podcast carried far-reaching impacts and translating Deconstructing Dinner onto the screen is one way to see those positive impacts significantly multiply. As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s high time we all stop viewing our food purchases as expenses and instead see them as long-term investments. This series will be a visual reminder of what investment options we have available.

In happy, healthy and abundant food,

Jon Steinman
Writer and Host
Deconstructing Dinner

How you can help spread the word…

Forward this letter to your email lists, networks and friends
2.     Post a message on Twitter about the campaign and link it to our Kickstarter campaign page.
3.     Visit theDeconstructing Dinner Facebook page and share the mention of the Kickstarter campaign with your Facebook friends or fans.
4.     Use other social networking tools which you or your organization utilize.
5.     Post a mention of our campaign on your web site or blog.
6.     Mention our campaign in your next newsletter (keeping in mind our fundraising deadline is July 20, 2012).


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