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How pesticides hurt bees

We’ve been having a lot of discussions recently at GE Free BC about bees pollinating apples and the implications of this for the plans for a genetically engineered non-browning apple. Here are a couple of related articles on how pesticides affect bees.

Harry Burton on why we don’t need a GE apple

Apple Cravings by Harry Burton

(Source COG: http://www.cog.ca/news/55/68/Not-in-My-Lunchbox/)

The first tree of every apple variety grew from a single seed. To create that seed, pollen from another apple variety (the male), landed on the stigma of an apple blossom where it germinated. This fertilization process combines DNA from two apple varieties, so that the apple seed, just like any child born, is different from the parents. Thus, every apple seed that grows produces a TOTALLY NEW APPLE VARIETY. Continue reading