Help stop Monsanto at Richmond Council tonite 7pm

This Tuesday Richmond Council voted unanimously at a general meeting, with the Mayor and all Councillors present, to pass a resolution to make Richmond the eighth GE free crop zone in B.C. The wording of the resolution is on the Richmond Council website, at
Ten people spoke in favour of the resolution. This now has to go through the formal process of being passed at a Council meeting, which will happen on the 28th May at 7 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.
We’ve been informed that Crop Life, the Public Relations wing of Monsanto and other biotech companies, will be coming to the Council meeting on the 28th May. They have already begun their lobbying efforts to try and get Richmond Council to change its mind.
If you are in or near Richmond, please turn out for the meeting. Some Councillors may waver under corporate pressure, and a big turn out of the public will make all the difference and hold them firm to their decisions. Several Councillors spoke passionately about their concerns with genetic engineering, and a big public showing will give them more courage.
If Richmond becomes a GE zone this will have a really big impact on other parts of the Province. As a large municipality with about 200 farms and where GE corn is being grown, people will see that if this can be done in Richmond, it can be done anywhere in the Province.

10 responses to “Help stop Monsanto at Richmond Council tonite 7pm

  1. When this happens it will send a huge message worldwide! We are no longer one small community: we are being watched and the ripple effect will be large – cities and towns all over BC and other parts of the planet will begin to believe it’s possible to win against Monsanto, and have the courage and now, the precedent, to try. When I first presented this to Council I KNEW the implications. We must show our strength and solidarity tonight! I’ll be there via our internet!

    Monsanto is breezing into town, sending us a message that we must eat what they dictate. Well we’ll send them a message – that Richmond is not a city – it is a community of people; humans, gathering to let M know that this is their community and they will not be told what to do.

    And regardless of the outcome, we have already won: we win when we expose GM for what it is. When we win, it’ll be all over the globe. If we lose, it’ll be all over the globe. It’s awareness that will win this one. And that awareness comes from within each of us, to vote with our wallets, show up at important events like this one, and not bend to bullies.

  2. Is there some interference with getting the file shared on FB? It won’t post for me.

  3. It takes real courage to stand up against Monsanto! If I lived in B.C, instead of Alberta, I would be at the meeting with everyone I could muster to the cause! We must win this fight, for the right to eat uncontaminated GMO food! GOOD LUCK! My prayers are with you all!

  4. I hope to go with a small gathering in oppostion of transgenics and GMO’s.
    Students of UBC should be involved, they could pose a great influence on this meeting.
    to the future and educating people now! Today!
    This meeting WILL be with the publics input!
    Exciting stuff

  5. I am all for exterminating Monsanto, but from what I understand, which is probably limited, Richmond already has GM Corn in the form of animal feed. Is the cat not out of the bag?

    • Hi Davd, yes there are three farmers in Richmond farming GE corn. We plan to help them try and transition out of this – first step is asking them why they are growing this and if they would like to do something different. While there is still a serious risk of contamination with corn, it less than with say canola.

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