Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

young farmers: part 2

A couple of days back we had a post on young folk getting into farming in BC. Lo and behold, the NY Times has an article about this phenomenon in the U.S. today. So, it must be true (unless of course you agree with Noam Chomsky that the NY Times is just another mouthpiece of the U.S. administration).


Concern about GE mosquitoes

Having worked for an Indian NGO for several years, in West Bengal, a low lying delta area, I know all about mosquitoes. But, like all other types of genetic engineering, scientists are trying to find technological solutions to social problems. The people who suffer from malaria and dengue fever are usually too poor to afford good protection (e.g. bed nets) or health care, or even mosquito repellent. If they had the money for a few basics we wouldn’t need GE mosquitoes.

Lots of concerns were raised a couple of days ago in a piece in the NY Times.